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Why does it seem as though everything Obama does seems to help the Islamist Terrorists or Putin and the Russians?


     If you feel the way the title states the issue, your "ridiculous" assumption is actually backed up by one simple and demonstrable fact.   Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and all the "close people" and (Sir Edmund)Hillary, are all Jew-haters extraordinaire, and they helped engineer the fall of Mubarak.
     Obama's half-brother, and best man and assistant officiant at his wedding with Princess Food Patrol, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a chaplain-advisor to Morsi, the thug who engineered the "election" of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt and who served, thankfully briefly, as President of Egypt.
    These facts are basic and irrefutable.  When the Muslim Brotherhood had power briefly, Egyptians were astounded that the Brotherhood even began the open abuse of Copts, as an official policy, and they began suggesting, not whether or not, but when would be the best time to destroy the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the monuments of Luxor...etc. etc. 
   When the military intervened (thankfully for the Jews and the Egyptians both....who happen to have fairly good relations with each other)....Obama and even a few shallow thinking right-wingers declared that we had to suspend military aid because the Army had overthrown "democracy".   In terms of freedom of the religions, commerce, hanging around, being a homosexual, talking to foreigners, giving or taking blood due to operations or accidents,  however, it was a gain for civilisation.  Something much closer to normalcy became possible again.


   The thing that allows him to be pro-Muslim and pro-communist at the same time is his deep and abiding hatred for America and Americans.  To think that Obama is the least, and lowest member of the movement.  George Soros, the Annenberg Foundation, the SEIU, and certain other well known groups control every step Obama takes, and every move he makes.  He is the proverbial empty suit.....Manchurian robot...Mr. Nowhere man.

Some stuff to consider - From the folks in Extreme Central Texas....or perhaps they are somewhere else.

The drive to make all things efficient, to the pleasure of a few, and to the consternation of many troubles this observer.  Mussolini made the trains run on time, we have heard that admonition many times.   But the idea of having some Wizard of Oz, hiding midst the veils and curtains, pulling levers and pushing buttons to first acquit his own pleasure and troubling to the point of equivalency to the abolition of the 2nd Amendment and/or the 1st Amendment.   Just an observation from El Gringo Viejo.   We have always said that we preferred effectiveness to efficiency.  It is a Confederate condition....local control...local control...local control.  We can fix our own failures and moral defects, ourselves. Please review this material from our Friends in extreme Central Texas....or somewhere else. 

Under Assault

The Standing Buddha, outside of
Kuala Lumpur.  Perhaps my friends
are at this fabled place. 

I’m writing to you from inside an electromagnetic field … and it’s probably robbing me of my health. Above me on the second floor are a modem, a wireless router, a laptop computer and a Roku box. Next to me is a cellphone, desktop computer with two WIFI cards, two monitors, a wireless keyboard and mouse, a multi-function printer system with WIFI capability, and a laptop computer.
     The amount of gigahertz radio frequencies flowing around and through me at any given moment is billions of times more than the eight hertz that naturally register in the human body. And it has me worried. Chronic exposure to radiation in those radio frequencies could be making us ill. It may be causing headaches, dizziness, facial irritation and sleep disturbances. In fact, a 2012 report from the BioInitiative Working Group linked exposure to more serious conditions, including cancer, a weakened immune system and even Alzheimer’s disease.

       That by itself is worrisome, but thanks to the government, there's more. Welcome, smart meters. The feds are pushing hard for them. Smart meters are a new meter that keeps track of your energy usage and transmits it wirelessly to your utility company. Its radio frequency registers In the gigahertz. In other words: It’s probably hazardous to your health.
Perhaps this is them, gad-abouting in the
Cabos, deep sea fishing, and eating scallop
sushi.   Or wait!  Maybe that's them over
there getting out to go into the Dairy
Queen right here in extreme
 Central Texas!!! 
     Unfortunately, it’s probably hazardous to your liberty, as well. Just think about it: It will broadcast your detailed energy habits and data to your utility company. The meters can also be controlled remotely. So if, someone, somewhere, decides you're consuming too much energy, it's possible for them to adjust it. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a gross violation of my privacy and rights.

      Smart meters are merely the first step toward an integrated smart grid. The Federal Smart Grid Task Force, one of the powers behind smart meters, is likely to follow with mandates on retrofitting home appliances in ways that increase radiation exposure in your home, while monitoring your day-to-day habits. Can you guess who's on that Federal Smart Grid Task Force? According to, it “includes experts from the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, and State; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC); the Environmental Protection Agency; and the Federal Communications Commission.”

Makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it?

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a smart grid means “automation technology that lets the utility adjust and control each individual device or millions of devices from a central location.” Translation: It means greater centralization, which means reduced quality and the increased potential for government's presence in your home.

Tale about "The Beast", and the People Coming Up from Central America

ANOTHER ASSOCIATED PRESS RELEASE WITHOUT COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER.   WE BRING IT TO THE OROG COMMUNITY DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT APPROACHES 99 PER CENT ACCURACY!   The reason these people are being stopped now is because it began to become very obvious that many of the people moving north out of Central America are actually the criminal element.  The press tells us that all these poor,  innocent refugees are fleeing danger, abuse, and violence.   The fact is, about a third of those moving to the north will commit multiple crimes in Mexico, brutalise and extort the common viajero (traveller), and then join up with his/her gang in the appropriate community in the United States.   Once there, those criminal types will begin to join in with the activities of his/her gang, raping, killing, doing arson, armed and strong arm robberies, home invasions, and extortion just like they did back home.  Drug dealing goes without saying.

Mexico authorities stage midnight raid on migrants heading north on freight train 'The Beast'

The lumbering freight train known as "The Beast," a key part of the route for migrants heading north to the United States, rolled to an abrupt, unscheduled stop in the black of midnight.
Mexican federal police and immigration agents had waited silently in the brush alongside for at least hour, visible only by the glint of their powerful flashlights.  As the train stopped, the area was suddenly flooded with spotlights as agents pounced from both sides of the track, scaling ladders to the tops of the freight cars and shouting: "Federal police! Give up! You're surrounded! Come down carefully!"
     About a dozen men, some literally spitting with anger and desperation, were firmly led off the track, an agent's hand on the back of their necks neck, and taken to waiting vans for processing and deportation. Agents helped a lone female migrant clambering over a coupling between cars to reach their van, telling her "Walk carefully, don't fall."
"Don't touch me," she snarled.
      The scene early Friday would have been unheard of in Mexico during the decades in which Central American migrants were allowed to freely hop freight trains to reach the U.S. border. But the raid is part of a crackdown that has sharply reduced the number of women and children trying to make their way to the United States, where they turn themselves into the U.S. Border Patrol — an exodus that caused what U.S. leaders call a crisis at the border.
      Fewer than 15 migrants were detained Friday on a train that once carried 600 to 1,000 migrants at a time. It seemed — at least temporarily — like the end of an era for the train the migrants dubbed "La Bestia" because of all the travelers who had been maimed or killed trying to hitch a ride.
     But the migrants, fleeing unemployment, violence and poverty in their home countries, have been only temporarily deterred by past strategies. Some already have devised ways to avoid capture under the new crackdown. One lone migrant escaped Friday's raid by lying flat on the roof of the last freight car and managing to stay aboard as the train pulled out.
     Police said the most experienced border crossers wait near the back of the 50-car train, where they have more time to react when it stops.
They know it's hard for police to patrol the entire length of the train.

     We place below a bit of photogravure  and a regional Mexican newspaper  article that shows, while Arriaga, Chiapas is not a very rich place, by world standards it is a pretty nice little corner of the world.  The article deals with the establishment of an "Italian Coffe Shop" in Arriaga, and the Chamber of Commerce, complete with Miss Arriaga in her day formal, traditional Chiapaneca dress with lace and frill, and the obligatory skirt with scenes that reflect noteworthy buildings, archaeological sites, and other Arriagan landmarks.

     The "designer" coffee shop (adjacent to coffee growing farms) is part of a shopping centre anchored by a Soriana grocery and department store along with other upper-middle and even glitzy occupants.  Arriaga, while not a stop on the "World Tour" for many people, is a Cabecera Municipal (county seat), and therefore attracts hundreds of people per day into town to do local government business.  Such business is increasingly important in Mexico as duties of registry and taxation and archives are steadily being passed down to more local authority by the central government.   The article celebrates the recent opening of the new highway (toll road) between Tapachula on the Guatemalan border all along the coastal route to Tehuantepec in the State of Oaxaca.  The train parallels that coastal route, and then turns sharply to the northeast, through the "Tehuantepec Pass" connecting the Pacific to the Atlantic Basin roughly near the Minatitlan - Acayucan area in Vera Cruz State.  Most people would abandon the train, however, in Tehuantepec.
These are a mix of "all-stops" and "semi-direct"
busses available in the "middle of nowhere"
Chiapas, arriving and leaving every 10
to 15 minutes or so.
  The 1st class SD to Mexico City will set the
 passenger back about 29 USD (400 miles).
The 2nd Class to Acayucan will be about
 14 USD, (240 miles).
Young French and Euros use the 2nd
 class de rigueur.
   Even old curmudgeons can be found on
 the 1st class (very few stops) with
They (the busses) are very survivable
 to even pleasant. 

     One of the problems they have been having is that the "refugees" from Central America who arrive on the freight train's first stop have stormed over the city at each opportunity to relieve themselves in various ways, all injurious to the public sensibility and health standards.  The "refugees" are also frequently violent and extortive, roughing pedestrians up, shaking down small businesses, and generally threatening the public tranquillity.  It is because a third of the "refugees" are the same people that the "refugees" are trying to escape.

     Arriaga is rural and agriculturally based, along with some advanced fishing, since the County is bounded by the Pacific on its west side.  Citrus, coffee at higher elevations, and melons, kiwi, chilies, and certain vegetables take advantage of the 400 days per year growing season.   Unlike the north of Mexico where Caucasian bloodlines are plentiful, in this area the people are mainly Indian (65%) or Mestizo (30%) with a small, urban white cohort.  By the way, "coffe" is the spelling of the store's trademark.    


Roberto del Solar, Corresponsal
Arriaga's Main Plaza's weird
 but attractive clock
ARRIAGA, Chiapas.- Algunas firmas internacionales como The Italian Coffe Company, han confiado en lo estratégico del municipio de Arriaga, entre el centro del país con la frontera centroamericana y el centro del estado de Chiapas.

La empresa dedicada a la comercialización de café y sus derivados, ha encontrado un mercado cada vez más cautivo en este sitio, donde atiende el paso de viajeros que usan la carretera costera de Chiapas.   Los representantes, han tomado a este lugar como referencia, ya que en ninguno de los municipios del litoral ha colocado sucursales, de no ser Tapachula, la tercera ciudad más importante de la entidad.
This is what the train looked like before
 Obama and now, after the Mexican
 authorities have once again begun
 cracking down on the violation of
their own sovereignty and the
 public's safety.
This is what the train looked like once the news had percolated for about two months in Central America that Obama
 was giving home, hearth, food, and
 amnesty to children and "victims"
 of exploitation and crime.

     En Cintalapa se pronóstico un establecimiento de este tipo con servicio de 24 horas en la cabecera municipal, exactamente con la llegada de Soriana y Coppel.
Algunos hasta señalaron el sitio en el que se ubicaría, pero todo quedó en comentarios ciudadanos, porque a la fecha esto no ha sido una realidad para los cintalapanecos.
     The Italian Coffe en Arriaga comparte instalaciones con una estación de servicio de gasolinería en la carretera Arriaga-Tonalá, aproximadamente a dos kilómetros del poblado Calera.
     Sin embargo, muchos habitantes de Arriaga y Tonalá llegan hasta ese lugar para poder degustar de sus productos, que en el área urbana de ambas ciudades no es fácil encontrar.
Se había pensado que en Arriaga por ser un municipio de temperaturas  altas, no sería atractivo para la venta de café, pero el éxito ha sido precisamente con las presentaciones de café en frío.
     Sin duda, la empresa de italianos, tiene planeado quedarse definitivamente en éste lugar,  y con proyectos para extender a la zona urbana, según las autoridades arriaguenses.

     Two oddities about all of this...beyond Barry that local authorities have always been resistant to enforcing any vagrancy laws or anything similar, really, when it comes to dealing with the train moochers.  For one, there is reason to be afraid of them.  The local police in these areas are for breaking up fights between drunks, not confronting Mara Salvatruchas who would like nothing better than a selfie with some Sergeant Garcia's head included in the picture....detached.
    Discretion, seriously, has been the better part of valour.  But another thing is that, in truth, the local police do not have jurisdiction within the right-of-way of the "ferrovia" (railway). The train jefes use their own investigators and private security to handle such matters.  In other public areas, things can be quirky as well.
     Like in a wreck on the open highway, only a Federal Highway Police trooper can move or do anything, even if an auto is blocking an important bridge and can be moved easily.   Local police, firemen, civilians, etc. cannot do for very certain persons...the Presidente Municipal of the Municipio (County) or the Alcalde (mayor) of the nearest ciudad (city) can, with discretion, move damaged vehicles by his/her order.   A military commissioned or non-commissioned officer can, as well, cause by his/her hand,  the removal of an impediment in the case of serious interruption of vehicular commerce.
     With all these other oddities covered, we move to the second oddity, and that is the nature of the Mexican, and the very representative conduct of the President of Mexico in that hypocritical vein,  to notice that the wave of underclass, parasitical people washing across Mexico as victims, are actually parasites, damaging the interests of all Mexicans, of all classes, and of all legal pursuits.  Now they act, as they have, sporadically in the past.  But, at the same time, they are completely comfortable in demanding that Mexicans have more consideration  given them in terms of allowance to stay in a country illegally than the Mexican Government and Constitution allow anyone else, including your humble servant to do the same.
   I will say that the pro forma of legalising one's visit, or stay, and /or permanent or semi-permanent residence in Mexico is fraught with little difficulty or expense.  BUT IT IS STILL REQUIRED.   AND BEING SO REASONABLE, IT GIVES THE MEXICANS EVERY JUSTIFICATION TO BOOT SOMEONE OUT FOR ANY REASON THEY DEEM TO BE ACCEPTABLE TO THEM.   And at frequent times, they do.

    Among the conditions required by The Law are proving that you do not need to work for a living, especially if applying for a work permit, and, if residing on your rents, that one must have a minimum of 1,200 dollars income per month without lifting a thumb or a finger,  in terms of anything remunerative.  They allow an owned home to count for 750 USD/month as a displacement of income.   Also, no voting, no campaigning, and pay your real estate taxes, if applicable.
     One trade off?   No inheritance taxes are charged any person living or dead. Not the survivors, not the dead people, no one.   Another trade-off?  It is a mystical thing that cannot be defined....the food, the civilities, the position one has as an old curmudgeon and foreign eccentric....among the urbane and rustic both...they treat such people as somewhat afflicted lesser Saints of the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church....or something like that.   It's Mexico. 

We were in a tete-a-tete the other day on that ghastly Facebook with a high-school chum, and it was suggested that my nickname should be"Curmudgy"....but we'll let that one ferment, ruminate, and distill for a bit.
El Gringo Viejo

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A Little Known Oddity of World War II

This submission comes from our Secret Agents in Extreme Central Texas.

US Army Piper Cubs on the Navy's smallest aircraft carriers 

The story of the seasick US Army Piper Cubs on the Navy's smallest aircraft carriers

     During World War 2, like most red-blooded Americans, the Piper J-3 Cub was called to serve in the military. Classified as the L-4 by the Army but most commonly called "Grasshoppers," more than 4900 were used to help spot and correct the fall of artillery shells over enemy lines and otherwise help coordinate troops.  Well, it turned out that the Army needed these planes in some pretty inaccessible places, and that's where the Navy came in.
The Problem?
     During the first part of World War 2, the Allies were on the defense, falling back and able to use their local airfields to house and feed their planes of all types. Then in 1943, the tide soon turned as the Allied forces in the Pacific, starting at Guadalcanal, as well as in the European theater, with the invasion of Sicily, started taking the war to the Germans, Japanese, and Italians.
     It was in these invasions, however, that the Army soon realized that their fleet of small, fixed wing L-4 Pipers and L-5 Stinsons were out of service until airfields could be captured or built in these new areas. This put the generals on the ground blind and reliant on long-range reconnaissance aircraft and Navy planes to provide their eyes. However, there soon became a fix for this in place.

The Solution?
     In late 1943, an Army Transportation Corps Captain by the name of James H Brodie was busy with a solution. Stationed in New Orleans and detailed to work supervising the loading of cargo ships with war materials, he sketched out a design for a boom and line system with a release that could hold a small aircraft fitted with a corresponding hook along the top of the wing roots.
With the boom, a small plane (Cub!) could be lifted into the air, then the engine worked up, and, when rpms were high enough to be reasonably sure of lift, released to fly away. To land, the system worked in reverse, capturing a passing hook-equipped Grasshopper by wire and allowing it to spin down. course, we all know that the Cub is a tail-dragger and to make that three point landing pilots pull the stick into their belly. However, doing this on the hook just north of that 38-ish knot stall speed took some getting used too. And if the stick was pressed forward at the stall, but not on the hook, then the pilot is going to eat dirt. So don't try this at home, kids!
     The Brodie System was invented during World War II. A pilot could take off or land with the aircraft hooked to a trolley that ran along a cable. On landing, the trolley provided braking for a smooth stop. The cable and trolley could be rigged on very short jungle fields, or even on ships. This picture shows how a light aircraft could take off or land on a ship using the cable. Image Credit: National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution NASM-9A001183 this picture, a Piper L-4, engine running, is ready for take-off while suspended from its cable. Image Credit: National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution Image Number: SI83-16835

This meant that by using Brodie's system, a Cub or even a larger Stinson could be launched and recovered in a very small area, without a landing strip, allowing it to operate from a clearing, a small field, or even the deck of a medium-sized ship.



 The Navy had by early 1944, several hundred ships they classified as "Landing Ship, Tank." These purpose-built vessels were built to carry several hundred tons of cargo, as well as vehicles and up to 160 or so soldiers or marines into combat, landing them on the beach where giant doors would open up and spit them out on to the sand.

The Navy built so many of these ships, so fast, that they didn't even bother to name them although they were some 328-feet long and crewed by a 7 officers and 104 sailors. As such, they just had numbers, such as USS LST-16, etc.

Big blue had enough of these LSTs around that they agreed to allow the Army to use a few of them in 1944 as tiny aircraft carriers. While L4s and L5s had flown off big deck Navy carriers earlier in the war, the Navy really didn't like Army planes on their flattops, so the arrangement worked out nicely.  

The idea would be that 6-10 small Cubs or Stinsons would be loaded on an LST, modified with a 220' x 16' flight deck. From the top of this tiny ersatz carrier, they would take to the sky over an invasion beach, scout out enemy locations, and call artillery strikes in on said bad guys. Once the GIs moved inland and acquired access to more real estate, especially airfields, the grasshoppers could leave their LST behind and relocate to drier accommodations.

One ship, LST-906 was ready for the invasion of southern France in September 1944, Operation Dragoon."Here is the photo of LST-906 with Capt. Alfred "Dutch" Schultz as pilot of 'Janey' the L4B Piper Cub artillery spotting plane. This information comes from Dutch Schultz's book "Janey: A Little Plane in a Big War". Dutch was the Pilot of the plane that my Dad flew in and took pictures for the 3rd Division. I met him last year and he remembered my Dad from more than 55 years ago. The Seabees converted the LST-906 into a homemade aircraft carrier, which was used in the Invasion of Southern France at St. Tropez." Image credit: Rich Heller, Webmaster The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division, U.S. Army LST-906, with US Army Air Force L-4 Grasshopper on her flight deck being prepared for take-off. Note additional L-4 type aircraft stowed alongside the deck. How would you like to take off on that flight deck? Talk about get it right the first time. Image credit: US Army Signal Corps photo. LST-16 underway in the Mediterranean area. Note the USAAF L-4 Grasshopper on the 220ft x 16ft flight deck ready for take-off. US Navy photo from "Aircraft Carriers" by Norman Polmar.

Although some 25 "L-Bird carriers" were to be created from the teaming of Navy LST's and Army L-4s and L-5s, just eight ships received the conversion. This included USS LST-16, USS LST-337, USS LST-386, USS LST-525, LST-776, and USS LST-906. Not all of these did so and not all of these used the Brodie system.


On some ships, the Grasshoppers would take off once and land ashore at a location that had been captured and designated. While this was not ideal, it did get the small planes ashore and ready to operate rather than land them in boxes and reassemble them on the ground.

One early ship, USS LST-386, had only a small 210x10 deck with a 1-foot stepboard around it and no Brodie system, and was the first of the "L-Bird carriers" to see operational service.

They proved themselves off Italy, France, the Philippines and later, Okinawa and Iwo Jima.

Moreover, we thank them for their sea-going service as the Army's unsung fleet of carrier-based airplanes.

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Attention President George W. Bush - Friend calling


Photo: Help this American hero vet reach George W. Bush! LIKE & SHARE this post!
Candice Leann Street
is the contact person who knows these folks.
 His wife's name is Jennifer Weisheit
  Her husband Zach Weisheit is pictured
above, in the petition photo

     This fellow wants to give his wife a very important gift.  My thinking is that they would pass any security exam, and would not resist the exam.  It strikes me as well that his wife might like a few minutes with Mrs. Laura and a picture together.   This cannot be done for all the people who are joining and re-joining your posse, understood.  But this is a man representing his lady.  He is not asking for himself, although he is a wounded of our perfect examples of a hero, in the most correct terms.
    My nephew is working on your nephew's Texas-wide race.  I have been a Republican since the age of 5 when my brother Norman and I passed out Eisenhower pamphlets in front of the McAllen Post Office.  More importantly, I am also honourably discharged, a GOP candidate in Hidalgo County in 1980, and a loyal Bobcat graduate from Southwest Texas State University.   I do not know this man, nor his lady, but it strikes me that I owe him my advocacy, and further, that he deserves it.
Thanks for any consideration.  Your service was and is  appreciated.
David Christian Newton

Golfing in Italy? George Clooney's Wedding? Is it Possible?


 Rosemary Clooney - Crooner Extraordinaire

George Clooney and Obama
 Two greats minds?
We end the week with a little celebrity news — news that could spill over into the 2014 election, if it’s to be believed.

Per this report, George Clooney will soon be sending out invites to his wedding, which is expected to happen in September in the vicinity of Lake Como, where he owns a posh villa — a $25 million affair that’s likely to play out on the tastefully refined pages of Vogue.
It’s this passage that caught my eye:
“But Vogue cover or not, we can now turn our speculation to which famous Friends of George will attend the wedding. According to‘s list of Clooney friends, invitations could go out to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and even Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.”
So that’s assuming the President gets an invite from Clooney, which he can easily decline given the restrictions of his day job.
However, Radar Online takes the speculation a step further, writing this about two very famous Americans:   “At first she was on the fence about going,” the source said of [Angela] Jolie, “because she’s not big on schmoozing at Hollywood get-togethers. But she quickly changed her mind after George told her that President Obama RSVP’d ‘Yes’!”

From Day at the Races
by Teri Obrien 
- See more at:

The fabled Monticello Golf Course beckons
at Lake Como, Italy

     Therefore, we are presently involved with that really weird possibility that Barry is actually being assumed to have already accepted the invitation to attend, along with Billy Jeff Blythe, the upcoming nuptials of  George Clooney, nephew of the famous female crooner, Rosemary Clooney.

      Barry is attending a same-sex marriage in Rochelle, New York after officiating at two different  fund raisers.  He is escaping to those more comfortable climes after having let it slip out that he had no strategy for solving the ISIS problem in Syria....and frankly, anywhere else.   He was probably chewing that cud for a long while, trying to think how he would explain himself to his handlers and Valerie Jarrett.   Barry tried to explain to Big Momma Valerie thusly:
   ''Well, you know, it was uh, uh, uh, uh, something Michelle made me say....and George Bush...uh, uh, uh, right George Bush and Karl Rove.....and Ted Cruz....and the Tea Baggers, right?  Huh? Huh?  You know, you gotta tell'em sumpin', uh, uh, right?"
    We really cannot make this stuff up.   For instance, this material from the Associated Press, which did not bear a copyright disclaimer, so therefore:
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is interrupting a weekend trip to return to the White House.
     The White House says Obama has changed his plans for Friday and will return to Washington late in the evening after fundraisers in Rhode Island and New York. He had planned to spend the night in New York. Presidential aides say the change in plans was not related to any current events and was the president's personal choice.
     Obama will spend Saturday morning in Washington, then return to New York later in the day for the wedding of his personal chef Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner.
     The trips come as Obama considers how to respond to the Islamic State terrorist threat and Russia's apparent invasion of Ukraine.
     Obama headlines three events on Friday. Two are just north of New York City in Westchester County, and the third is in Newport, Rhode Island.
The New York fundraisers will benefit the Democratic National Committee, which is still paying off debt from 2012.
     In Rhode Island, Obama addresses a fundraiser benefiting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which works to elect Democrats to the House.
     Obama is expected to be joined at the Rhode Island event by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

Booker Tecumseh Washington
Frederick Douglass
    We just cannot make it up!   He declares that there is no strategy.  Well, if you are that stupid and/or lazy and/or ignorant and/or un-caring, please do not broadcast such information to our enemies and to our "friends", Barry.  If you tell the enemy about your plans and/or lack of such....what are they to think?   The only thing anyone can think is that you...Barry Soetoro...who has not a smidgen of American Negro tradition in your a mentally retarded thimble.
    The two people pictured immediately above are Americans with Black African ancestry.    They were smart...very smart.  I might like one better than the other, but they were both brilliant thinkers.  You are not.  No one can even remember attending class with you.  Figure that out.  Your only wit comes from attending community organising classes where a Saul Alinsky acolyte taught you a catechism of how to make smart aleck remarks and snide accusations.   "You can put lipstick on a pig," sounds about like the low-class grifter such as what is derived from both your Black and White birth-right. 
     Your father, Barry, was not an American.  Your book, written by your friend Bill Aires, was titled Dreams From My Father. But, you did not receive anything from your father, especially dreams.  He abandoned you.  He invested nothing in you.
   He was a drunken, drug addicted, misogynistic, anti-colonialist, communist.  He killed himself in a drunken stupor while driving in Kenya.   He is something like your slightly luckier Uncle Omar Obama Onyango who managed to hit the cops' patrol car.  The cops who behaved stupidly and parked where your Uncle Omar could hit their car, while Uncle Omar was driving at a 0.22/ba....the illegal alien living in Massachusetts....the one who "works" at the liquor store and who receives the equivalent of  $35,000/ annum in public assistance from the taxpayers.

     Barry Soetoro leaves to-day for Rhode Island and New York, after declaring that he cannot even choose from among several different strategy proposals, none of which he has read or studied, to be employed against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  To be sure, there is no evidence that he has any intention of studying those plans or formulating one of his own.   Can the OROG imagine what the pinky reporters in the presser yesterday thought when they heard the Almighty Hoper and Changer of All Humanity say that he had no strategy to try to save America from deranged nihilists who are very similar to the adherents of the Saul Alinsky School of Social Organisation.   ACORN, SWIU, and of course, Occupy Wall Street.  Such nice people.   Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy.
The suit looks better
Old Harland.
     Then Barry decides to fly back to Washington, D.C. instead of staying over in New York for a third fund raiser, he really, really wants to attend a "wedding" of two men, one of whom had been Barry's favourite chef at the White House in days past.   Then, of course, since money is no object, Barry will gear up Marine I, and Air Force I....AND FLY BACK TO NEW YORK...for, you guessed it...another fundraiser, with Nancy Pelosi along to help.
   Two hundred and fifty Syrian soldiers were taken out into the desert and shot.  Prisoners of War, in uniform, stripped of their uniforms, and taken out and shot...piled up like cord wood, and left to rot in the desert sun.   A profound insult in Islam.   That is what awaits us if we do not immolate these rabid, mangy dogs who say Islam and mean murder, desecration, and unfathomable horror.
     It is pretty well certain that Assad may have been guilty of certain excesses, but the deployment of poisonous gasses was done by ISIL, with "found" weapons of mass destruction that at one time had been secreted by Saddam Hussein.  Perhaps Barry and Nancy Pelosi can compare notes about "How are we gonna to fool 'em to-morrow?"


Thanks for you attention.   Did you all notice how weak Barry's voice was yesterday, when he was wearing one of Harland Sanders old suits?
El Gringo Viejo