Friday, 29 August 2014

Attention President George W. Bush - Friend calling


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Candice Leann Street
is the contact person who knows these folks.
 His wife's name is Jennifer Weisheit
  Her husband Zach Weisheit is pictured
above, in the petition photo

     This fellow wants to give his wife a very important gift.  My thinking is that they would pass any security exam, and would not resist the exam.  It strikes me as well that his wife might like a few minutes with Mrs. Laura and a picture together.   This cannot be done for all the people who are joining and re-joining your posse, understood.  But this is a man representing his lady.  He is not asking for himself, although he is a wounded of our perfect examples of a hero, in the most correct terms.
    My nephew is working on your nephew's Texas-wide race.  I have been a Republican since the age of 5 when my brother Norman and I passed out Eisenhower pamphlets in front of the McAllen Post Office.  More importantly, I am also honourably discharged, a GOP candidate in Hidalgo County in 1980, and a loyal Bobcat graduate from Southwest Texas State University.   I do not know this man, nor his lady, but it strikes me that I owe him my advocacy, and further, that he deserves it.
Thanks for any consideration.  Your service was and is  appreciated.
David Christian Newton