Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Blessed Event

   The Hacienda de la Vega, the neighbour of the Quinta de la Sierra Madre, is pleased to announce the arrival by Stork of the Sra. Mara de los Salazares of three daughters and eight sons.   The blessed event occurred during the morning hours of the 26th of November, 2011.    Sons Mokumbu, Juan, Lazaro, Fidencio, Gregorio, Maximiliano, Bernardo, Marco Antonio,and daughters Maria Mara, Maria de Jesus, Maria Josepha are all doing well, while the father has not yet regained consciousness.

The start of a 100 dollar/month food bill

      All are registered Rhodesian Lion Hounds, also known as Ridgeback Hounds.   The males frequently reach weights of 140 to 16o pounds.   They were bred in Central Africa during a time when lion hunting and protection from lions was a necessity.   To-day, they specialise in laying around, eating, and begging for head-scratchings and boney-woney treats.    Still, at night, they are not pleasant surprises for an uninformed intruder.

Ridgebacks are famous for protecting the hearth from intruders and
wild animals, especially cats, from damaging slaves, property, animals,
employees, and even wives that pertain to the domain, as one can readily
note.   Females only increase in weight to the area of 100 pounds, males
can wind up in the 160 pound range.

      Our neighbour is actually quite pleased, because Mara had trouble with her first delivery.   She is a very good, compliant, and clean dog and has shewn herself to be much more than an adequate mother.

    Just a note to show that we know what is really important.    Thanks as always for your time and attention.   Prince William piloted a rescue of sailors lost at sea...successfully.   Pray that the Brits, while playing their monarchical game of toy soldiers, have the wit and wile and willingness to name Charles as dolt-regent and to install William as King and Defender of the Faith.

El Gringo Viejo