Wednesday, 30 November 2011

That Common Touch

If Hillary and Michelle do it, they are "sophisticated" or "with it" or "in" .   If Laura Bush were to have done it, she would have been styled "insensitive" or "self-indulgent" or "Beverly Hillbillies come to Washington".

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Laura Bush Malaria No More International Honors Fifth Anniversary Benefit
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Just one of the differences between socialists who are in the Democrat Party and liberals who are aligned with the Republican Party.

(Did you all ever notice how black people, white people, any kind of people look so ....normal..when they are Republicans and/or Conservatives, and how Democrats and leftists look like characters from saloon scenes in Star Wars movies?)


Additional Warning!
    All Negroes intending to stick their necks out and campaign for anything as a Republican, please be aware that Gloria Alred has a stable of kooks and malcontents who will trundle forth to tell the world about having been raped, assaulted, sexually "harassed", or left hanging after an affair with the Negro Republican or Conservative postulant.   Those same women, like the Guatemalan illegal alien domestic who lied on her application for employment to the domestic agency that provided workers for the immediate past Republican candidate for Governor of California, then become as  Cheshire Cats, out of sight....and out of mind.
     The Old Gringo, in spite of having had knowledge of the strange proclivity for some women to make up stories from whole clothe about various offences against their sensibility, always sided with the women when these stories would surface.   The last time, however,  was with the perfectly, carefully well-spoken Anita Hill who spun a story that was perfectly believable and astounding....until it became apparent that it was a fantasy.
     When her story unravelled, the Old Gringo shook his head in wonder at the continued assertion of the validity of the Molly Yard....that the truth of the issue was not as important as the seriousness of the charges.   It is a variant of the "....we'll have to vote for the bill in order to find out what is in it"....logic that marxists, relativists, and rationalists simply adore to invoke.

    And Justin Beeber having to defend a paternity issue?   And the Duke lacrosse players?   That woman  wound up killing her boyfriend later.    Herman Cain's latest accuser has been evicted from housing on several....many occasions.   She was issued a restraining order for stalking, extreme repetitive telephoning, threatening, and generally tormenting her business partner and was given a chance to avoid felony charges by desisting.   For a brief while she did, and then returned to her old ways, including publishing and declaring false and injurious information about that business partner.   That individual sued her in court for defamation, and won a judgement against her.   She never paid the judgement, but she did desist in further harassment and tormenting of the business partner, fearing jail for contempt of court.
    Her last eviction was in October of this year.
    Any errors Herman Cain may have made should be addressed.   If they are egregious, he should quietly retire from the field.   The Old Gringo fears that even if the charges are spurious, he is now damaged to an extent so as to be unrestorable.   ALL CONSERVATIVES AND ALL REPUBLICANS of the BLACK RACE MUST CONSIDER BEFORE FILING THAT THE MARXISTS AND ELITISTS WHO CONTROL THE MEDIA FOR THE MASSES WILL THROW ANY AND EVERY KIND OF FILTH THEY CAN AGAINST YOU.   A misdemeanour committed by a conservative will be dealt with as a life and death felony.  A felony committed by a liberal or a Democrat will be treated as a badge of honour and a sign of "growth".   Gary Studds, Barney Frank, William Jefferson Blythe, Hillary Rodham, Franklin Raines, Jesse jackson, and there is not enough ink to fill in the rest, all the way Lyndon Baines Johnson, Wilbur Mills, etc.
     It is apparent that if a Negro gets "too far up" as a Conservative or Republican, he will face a flood of sexually related charges brought by people who have a peripheral, glancing passage with the individual of concern.   There needn't be any true offense, only a time and space possibility.    With the Clintons, an avalanche of evidence concerning fraud and other felonies results in that pitiable finality of listening to Web Hubble moaning to his wife during his conversation with her from his prison telephone room, " Then you mean I'm just going to have to roll over one more time in order to keep them out of trouble."    The wife was pleading with him to back up Hillary's "corkscrew story 2,394.0" ....Web's wife had a White House job at the time....When she called her husband at the prison, she had forgotten that prisoners have no right of privacy in their telephone calls.   She called due to the fact that she feared for her life.   Her shaking voice and pleading was that of a woman frightened for her life.   The stupid Republican Congressman from Indiana who was heading an investigation into some of the Clinton's shenanigans, released that tape instead of holding it back for leverage and positive impact at a more opportune time for the good of the Republic.
     The mainstream press totally....completely.....entirely....absolutely disregarded the telephone call except for one statement about how telephone calls should be private.

Pray for the state of the popular culture and the popular intellect.   Bring us to the Altar of John Corzine and Anthony Weiner.   Let us seek comfort in the goodness of iniquity.