Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Emotional Millstones

Each morning, each week, each month, as the sand runs through the narrow part of the hourglass, El Gringo Viejo tries to move to the next issue without being troubled, angered, and distressed about things over which he has no control.
      The fault is entirely that of the Gringo Viejo.   He chooses to forget the admonitions of his father to his mother when she complained about some foolish thing someone had done..."Doll, try to remember he's a Mexican"    or  "Doll, try to remember he's a German"  or "Doll, try to remember he's a Southerner".    These admonitions gave, at the very least, some comfort to those who believe in bio-cultural dominance in terms of major influences over individual and group human activity.
      "I just can't believe that that horrible man was letting his 6 year old child drink beer at the table.   We're only 30 years away from the Prohibition and half the County's still dry!   I want you to go over and tell Mr. Hophenbluschter what a bum he is!!   We fight two wars against them and they still don't learn anything"
      "Husband, that lazy Mexican is over there sleeping at 2:00 in the afternoon!   People are going to say he's drunk!   Go over there and wake him up right now!
      "Look at that crazy English tourist there on the beach.   He's actually going into the water and it can't be a degree over 80f," she would point, incredulous of the scene.
     It was not quite that extreme, but it was something similar.   The Old Gringo's father would smile and beg a bit understanding and tolerance, which was always granted.    It was my job to anticipate my own uncomfortableness with deviant social and cultural behaviour and move to be understanding and tolerant, to the extent possible.    One does that realizing  there are certain cultural, biological, and social forces that are overwhelming to the large majority of humans.    There are also certain variables among individual humans who make them disposed to do well, prosper, be happy, to work, to serve, to do good by their neighbours, and generally be positive....And there are variables that move certain persons, individually to do things that are self-destructive, that are narcissistic, that cause pain to self and others, that are counterproductive in general to the establishment of a good, prosperous, and happy existence in this life.

    Sometimes El Gringo Viejo forgets.   Forgets to accept.  Consider the Leftist.
      He is always angry.   Let him be angry.
      He is always certain that his motives are the only pure motives.
     He is satisfied, since his motives are pure, that his policy of taking things away from owners, killing millions of people - or thousands - or hundreds - or scores that is always justified, for the greater good.
     He is always sure that his plan for bussing someone else's child from here to there will serve to punish the evil and liberate those he wishes to liberate.
     He is always convinced that when his programs and designs produce results that are many times worse than the ill that had been proposed for extinction, it was the result of insufficient expenditures.
     He  is satisfied that all the ills of the world are caused by wealth and the wealthy, and that the "poor" are somehow more morally grounded than other people.
     He is content in the knowledge that, if it is necessary to publish information about an event, it is perfectly acceptable to amend the facts so as to protect his point of view and to slander the opponent.   After all, those who oppose helping the poor are evil people.
    He is proud of the people who foul the lives of the un-involved and destroy their paths and properties, because he knows those who have, need to suffer what it means to be poor and lacking control.
     He understands that while he proposes stringent programs and strident solutions to problems that may or may not exist, he himself must not be restrained by the law, or even require of himself any compliance with that new law.
     He scoffs at the idea that certain people suffer in life due to their own addictions to alcohol, drugs, sloth, self-centeredness, promiscuity, violation of natural law, profligacy, or other personal failings.   All personal problems are reactions to the Oppression by the Rich.
     He stares in wonder at an old fool like the Gringo Viejo's father who always urged to understand the origins of each man.  To tolerate his idiosyncrasies.  To allow a troubled person to awaken to his disorder, seek help, and climb from his abyss. (Stupid Indian, why doesn't he use a saddle for his horse?)

El Gringo Viejo was touched by this posting by a OWC activist.   Much jewelry, many piercings of nose, lips, eye brows, and many tatoos.   She was well dressed but dirty.   Her eyes seemed to be able to hold a focus for two or three seconds before going into a 10-mile stare.  She might have been 20 years old.

Her protest sign?

"There is nothing the Amerikan Wehrmacht  can do that regular people can't undo with a law to set people free and give them money and food and what people nede.   No Jews!  No Jews in Palestine! No Jews in America!"

The Gringo Viejo will have to vote for that bill before he reads it again.  Peace, brother.