Thursday, 3 November 2011

For Every Season, There Is a Time

Occupy Oakland demonstrators gather in Oakland
Be not deceived;  God is not mocked: for whatsoever
a man soweth, that he shall also reap.

     There is no way to avoid the natural law of Yahweh as it is set down.   If we produce un-fathered children and support those children with the wealth of those who are not their parent, the majority of those children are bound to the crooked, self-destructive path.   They care nothing for their own patrimony and will destroy the patrimony of others.   They have no souls.   They do not care.   They are born dead....seeming to live for a brief while, as they destroy everything around them.
      There is no way to avoid the natural law of Yahweh, as it is set down.   If we send out children to tutelage, and they dwell among fools, then our children will leave their instruction as fools, with only rare exception.   If they are told naught, they will know naught.   If they are told the tales of fools, they will be as the fool.   If they are told that they are wise, and their informers are fools and full of guile, our children will be a danger to themselves and everyone around them.   Our children's souls will atrophy within them and they will see themselves as greater than the Laws of Yahweh.    They will know there is no Yahweh, and with that certainty they will know that they  themselves are gods, and have no constraint.

       Mexico has lost 20 percent of its young people and 15 percent of its human-occupied geography.
        America has lost 20 percent of its young people and 10 percent of its human-occupied geography.
        Canada has lost 10 percent of its young people and  5 percent of its human-occupied geography.
      Were it a war, these losses in dead, wounded, and captured would essentially mean that those who had suffered those losses had lost the war.   When it is stated that an amount of children have been "lost", it is meant that those children have been killed or taken into the short life of organized crime, or those children who have embarked upon the life of glue and paint sniffing, marihuana smoking, cocaine, methamphetamine, morphinates, and other inebriates.    Most are drawn from what is politely known as the "urban environment", but....

        Do not doubt that your own children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, and/or those of your friends and associates  could be among those who have the 10 miles stare, the lying, the early aging and dental problems, the secretivity and sneakiness, the peculiar moods, the irascibility, and the counter-productive explosive spontaneity.
 "My parents treat me like I'm a
child.   Nobody understands me.''

       Reasonable alternatives proposed in the past were not employed.   Many proposals were made.    Some were seemingly radical.   What we have now is a catastrophic collapse leading soon to total anarchy, death, and destruction of all property, value, and wealth.   IT IS HAPPENING NOW.     All the "radical" proposals bandied about in restaurants and saloons and beauty parlours, and backyard barbeques could have had a positive impact towards moving to a solution to the problems caused by bastardy and the unwillingness of so many  to concern themselves with the legal pursuit of self-sufficiency.

(1)    Utter and total legalization of all psychotropic anything.  With safeguards such as requiring the AMTRAK engineers and the Southwest Airlines pilots and the Greyhound Bus drivers and all such similar critical personnel to submit to urinalysis before departure or other such deployment...and other such basic, logical measures....we could have allowed those so disposed to turn into the Zomboes they wished to be, take them out to de-activated Indian Reservations, and kept them there, stringing beads, and eating their oatmeal and Vienna sausage until they died.    The Gringo Viejo rates this alternative a 93.

(2)     Arrest, demonstration of incontrovertible proof to the satisfaction of a special drug jury of 18 people who have passed a reasonable, difficult examination concerning their intellectual capacity and reasoning ability, and execution by firing squad that could be publicly heard but not seen.   Another two tiers of appeal should be worked out.   Visiting panels of (6) jurors, drawn from random assignment as in a lottery, could be the first tier of appeal.   Another could be the existing Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.    The entire process would be held to the time limit of 360 calendar days.    El Gringo Viejo gives this alternative a 93.


(3)     Withdraw, cease, and eliminate the operation of government public assistance programs.   The central government in Washington, D.C. has no Constitutional authourity to transfer payments from one group to another.   The individual States might have that authourity if they, in their wisdom, wish to burden their own citizenry.    Elevate the eleemosynary institutions in the various locales to the task of providing for those who require charitable intervention in their lives.      El Gringo Viejo gives this alternative a 95.

(4)      Upon the proving beyond all reasonable doubt, any woman who is deriving the majority of her family unit's support from charitable or public assistance, and who has a third baby without the benefit of paternity will be first given a preventative, and then after due process with be taken to a veterinarian to be spayed.    The three children will be taken into private or State child protection and adoptive alternatives sought and obtained.    There will be no foster-care programs...only adoption.
       Any female who has produced three children without benefit of paternity will submit her whelp to paternity testing.  Those who have been identified as the procreants to her whelps........barring he who can demonstrate the PREVIOUSLY publicly published announcement and DEMAND FOR THE RIGHT and intent to take, own, and be wholly responsible for his progeny, .......will be taken to the veterinarian and be the procreant's expense.
         All participating veterinarians will be exempt from any civil liability for these services.
         El Gringo Viejo gives this alternative a  95.

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