Thursday, 31 January 2013

El Zorro says in few words what others fail to say in many

Your January 30 journal was spot on.
I wish you un viaje bueno hasta que vuelva.
Just a couple of issues of frustration.....

Gun Show Loop Hole?:
Does no one understand the BATF regulation on transfers of firearms?
       It is simply this. Individuals can trade, sell, or anywise convey firearms to other individuals in the same state (no registration or notification required) if there is no reason to believe the transferee is not a criminal and known to be unfit to possess a firearm. Period! In the case of a gun show, individuals who have guns or, paraphernalia relating to such that they wish to convey, they can purchase space at a gun show and transact business as individuals. It is obvious that individuals who take their wares to the gun show have the advantage of exposure, but there is no loophole!!
If they say it long enough the sheep will believe it. (egv adds - Goebbels, right?)
     In the same vein, it is very annoying and destructive to the purpose that the political and media conspirators continue to call violence control, “gun control” and “gun violence”. To call it that is to imply that guns are the total issue when guns without a shooter are useless to any purpose. Guns obviously are a tool a criminal can use to commit violence as is poison, bomb, knife, hatchet, hands, feet, rocks, in ad infinitem. “...hearings on ‘gun violence’ my butt. Arrrrrrrggghhhh!!!!
Talk to you soon my friend.


El Gringo Viejo adds only that what Jim is saying is so readily understood hereabouts that I was wondering why it had to be said...but it must.  The human beings and OROGs must also understand that any real live gun show is normally crawling with every known type of BATF-A.    It is always just a dull and boring grouping of collectors, investors, and shoppers  who normally are more numerous than people who are buying so as to burn up ammunition at the firing range.  At these "horrible, dangerous gun shows", everybody is armed, and there are never any problems.  That alone should be a lesson to somebody.
El Gringo Viejo