Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Case for Impeachment and Conviction

     We do not advocate this procedure nor do we think it will happen.

    It is warranted.  Were it to be George Walker Bush or Ronald Wilson Reagan, the filings would have already been made.   Democrats were hot on the trail of the procedure against Richard Milhouse Nixon, long before the Watergate incident.   Because of Nixon's humiliation of the Hero of the Left, Ho Chi Minh, and the apparent success of the bombing and general stepped-up pressure against the communist government of North Viet Nam....Frank Church and most of the Democrat majority in Congress agreed among themselves that they were going to have to "get" Nixon.
Hanoi Jane Fonda, at AAA
battery in Hanoi.  She also
 visited the Hanoi Hilton POW
prison, where she berated
prisoners for being "war
     Once again, long before Watergate's famous break-in, other actions were afoot.  Nixon had begun a process, by his authority as head of the Executive division of the government of the United States, that would begin the process of returning unspent fiscal allocations from the ending fiscal year back to the United States Treasury.   The HOWLING commenced immediately.
     Usually, the various dependencies and secretariats of the United States government counted on the idea that unspent money would be lumped in as something called "carry-over" from this fiscal year's Congressional allocation, and then aggregated to the new fiscal year.  Nixon argued that unspent money indicated that the allocation was a "misestimation" in the amount that should have been allocated, so the un-used money properly belonged to the Treasury of the Republic, in the interest of stewardship on behalf of the American peoples' resources.
      The professional welfare industry,  LBJ's War on Poverty pimps and organisms, the irrational consumer forces (Nixon is committing genocide against the poor! - Walter Crankcase's World News To-night..."And that's the way it was, this, the 37th day of Hoopla...Goodnight) immediately began preparing an "investigation" because of Nixon's usurpation of the power of the lower house of Congress and its Constitutional prerogatives.   He had "violated the Constitution" and therefore was, along with his criminal prosecution of the War in Viet Nam...acting without authority from either house of Congress with reference to the Cambodian Incursion and the "Bombing of the Dikes" would be necessary to see if there grounds for Impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanours.
     This note:   Bombing of the Dikes meant the carpet bombing of irrigation channels located between Hai Phong and Hanoi by B-52s, along with the bombing of Hai Phong harbour.   It had nothing to do with any attempt to bomb Hanoi Jane Fonda for making propaganda visits and gestures, including mounting an AAA cannon, while dressed in a North Vietnamese Army uniform during one such propaganda filming while visiting Hanoi.

     But, we diverge.   The most important point was, Nixon was being investigation formally by the House Judiciary Committee for several other practises...the fiscal issue and unauthorised deployments...when a third-rate burglary was revealed to have occurred at the Democrat National Committee main offices housed at the Watergate Hotel.   Five or six CIA operatives, including Cuban anti-Castro personalities.
     Likewise, Ronald Reagan was exposed to the ludicrous measures, preparatory to movement towards impeachment and conviction for having "violated the will of Congress" in terms of violating the "arms for hostages" law and for illegally arming the counter-revolutionary "contras" fighting the communist Ortega brother's government in Managua, Nicaragua.  The "Boland Amendment" had been an attachment to a Defence Department authorisation that prohibited any further support for the "Contras", and the Democrats were relishing a chance to impeach Reagan for "violating the law".    The "Boland Amendment" was and is clearly un-Constitutional.

     THIS BRINGS us to the Case of Barak Hussein Obama campaigning with public money, wilfully demonstrating that he will punish the Republican Party by employing measures that are neither called for nor required.   Obama feels compelled, however, because that same Republican Party will not grant him the right to raise taxes against the wealthy for the purpose of advancing his political agenda of punishing the rich.    Obama's stated intention of closing down only certain programs that are considered politically "soft and fuzzy"  can easily be avoided by working out four or five very simple measures, with no new tax revenue.   Likewise, it would not require complicated  measures to achieve the overall, necessary belt-tightening in light of trillion-plus dollar annual deficits run up during the past four years.
     The brazen effort to extort a political objective by blatant and needless bludgeoning, not to mention the mendacious posturing and deliberate misleading of the American electorate and population is clearly dereliction.   The notion of suggesting that an aircraft carrier cannot be deployed because of a 2% reduction in overall allocation....and only because the Republicans do not want their millionaire and billionaire friends to pay their fair the depths of blackmail and misleading politics.   It is a messy game being played on a muddy football field suddenly being transferred to a septic tank.
    It is madness, petulance, and a viciousness resorted to by the smallest type person.   It speaks to the true danger Barak Hussein Obama represents.   Responsible for nothing, blaming all others, and all the while running up the debt that he hopes will cause the Death of the Republic, shortly after he moves back to Kenya.   It has been a game for him.  A game called "Kill the Republic".

We depart for a bit.   The auger turns ever deeper into the muck.
El Gringo Viejo