Thursday, 28 February 2013

     We have always enjoyed this picture of my father when he was a boy, just moved down from Gwinner, North Dakota...four or five years Ed Couch, Hidalgo County, Texas playing with his not-quite-fully-grown pet racoon, named Bandit.  There is a later picture that shows Bandit fully grown, a 90 pound male four-legged disaster area.  His favourite thing to theive was 50 cent pieces.   He would bypass stainless steel, aluminum, and pewter....always selecting the items made of pure silver.   But to steal...50 cent pieces.   He would take them to the horse trough to wash and then bury them nearby.

That's actually all we have right now.   Later we'll back in saddle spewing bile and venom.   The date of this photo is 1919. The pick-up in the background would be a real neat-o thing to have in the garage now, no?
El Gringo Viejo