Friday, 1 March 2013

Let's Celebrate a little, before the ship sinks....

    A bit of a rough patch for the White House is a cause for at least a sickly smile.   Water is pouring in below-decks and the emergency horns are sounding doom for all who remain aboard.  Inundation is imminent, and the band bravely plays through "Nearer My God, to Thee".
    But, for those of us still singing "On the Road to Mandalay", and "God Save the King" in the first class saloon, emptying out 100 year old cognac to serve as anti-freeze for our soon-to-be necessary Polar Bear Swim....we have a bit of celebrating left to do.
    Let us celebrate Perfect Hypocrisy.   Obama and his minions and sycophants are terribly concerned about violence provided by the availability of firearms in the United States.   We have known that all along.  His groups have always made it clear that they really hate gun violence.   All the places his types of adminidregs have controlled for more than two generations all have gun laws that prohibit even thinking about a gun.   If a child in a school in Chicago throws his t-shirt into a laundry basket and it casts a shadow that looks within 30% of the resolution of what might be a Hopalong Cassidy cap-pistol,  then the six year old child is immediately taken to prison for nine years, and all the children in his elementary are taken to Summer Camp for three months of grief counselling.   His parents are spayed and neutered, and that is why Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New any of a number of fine progressive places.....are slaughterhouses.   Because progressives know that guns kill, and that soulless creatures born into the poverty of dependency upon government programs have no catechism, with no earthly concept of deferred gratification cannot be blamed for the fact that George Washington owned slaves.   It's obviously the fault of white people who have more money than they need and who do not wish to pay their fair share.

     And while we worry about "African-Americans" (do we really have that many people from Morocco in the United States?) and "Hispanics", why don't we shovel a score-thousand fully automatic arms into Mexico, with no way to trace their movement through the hands of some of the bloodiest scum existing.   And why don't we do it, hoping that one or two of those automatics will be used in the killing of a few Americans, or better yet, some American law officers?   Then, don't you see, we will be able to say..."We traced this gun back to a gun dealer in Arizona, therefore all gun dealers are now closed down in order to protect the American public."
     And like a much greater American....Corkscrew Sir Edmund Hillary....said at one time, during a moment of great profundity, "What difference does it make?''
      The progressives moan and pour forth their crocodile tears for all the funny looking little dark people they have to feed and care for with other peoples' money, and those of us at the bar on the sinking ship are certain that Eric Holder and all his marxist buddies were really disturbed that over 400 absolutely uninvolved Mexicans were slaughtered by these weapons, and that, miraculously he knew nothing about it, the ATF - E knew nothing about it, no one can be found to have authorised the program, George Bush did it,  and "I can't remember". Even when it is determined that there were American law enforcement casualties derived from this illegal one can be found to be charged with felony manslaughter within the ranks of the Obama government.   A death occurring because of the execution of an illegal act will be considered an act of murder, and prosecuted according to the degree of aggravation of the circumstances. But tsk, tsk, boys will be boys, and criminal thug, government union, pro-marxist totalitarians really shouldn't be held accountable for every little detail.
      What difference does it make?   My God, they were just a bunch of dirty Mexicans.  Good Grief.   Mountains and molehills.

     But let us return to the bar,   Look there's a bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits, France that needs to be emptied before we take our chilly swim.   See if there is another, while we remember the New York Times reporters whose bones were used for trampolines by Obama campaign staffers of import.   Why?   We tend to forget....but they committed the offense of saying that Joe the Plumber was a bit put off by the socialist flavour of the comment by Barack Hussein Obama's question to Joe about wealth, suggesting that it might be good to "....spread it around"...during a brief conversation with Joe during a neighbourhood walk-around in Ohio.   Joe found the suggestion peculiar and offensive.
     And while the rest of the Obsolete Press compliantly went about trying to destroy Joe the Plumber by digging up any and every speck of anything negative or even neutral against Joe the Plumber and airing or printing it for the next 318 years....the New York Times of all entities was singled out by the union-thug, Chicago-style threatmeisters.   "Don't you dare use the word 'socialist' when referring to our campaign for Hope and Change.  You'll regret it."  Many of us have forgotten that,  but not El Gringo at the bar, listening to the band play,and a few of the brave are at song.   Let's listen while we clear the rest of the  supplies here. 

     And, as we left port, long before the iceberg jumped in front of us,  many were commenting about the last round of the Crisis Crisis, that never ending factory of calamity discovery that is housed somewhere on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, District of Columbia.   It seemed that stew of concern among the public was not bubbling over into the fire.   There did not seem to the  crowd scene of wanton terror.   The vast majority of the population was not buying the White House's increasingly dire diagnosis of the impending collapse of all natural processes and the death of Lesbian Male Bull Shark Polar Bears in the Amazon because of Republican unwillingness to make the millionaires and billionaires  pay their fair share. gravity cease to function...Bob Woodward says that (1) Obama said that he invented sequestration, (2) that Obama moved the goal posts by suddenly lumping tax increases into the sequestration issue, (3) that the White House thugs had threatened him for having blown the whistle on the first two points.
     It is Napoleon I in the Winter of his discontent, withdrawing from Russia....but painted in the dull, marxist greys of Obama's face.   The anger Obama must feel about his low-information, stupid voters not being sufficiently intelligent to understand that they must charge the Bastille once again....they must restring the blade of the Guillotine hourly....they must buy more and more Frida paintings....they must poop on more police cars and break more and more windows of MacDonalds and destroy more and more private property.  Oh! Woe is Him.  So, even though it is too late to save the Republic, perhaps even as we finish off these last bottles, and our shoes are ruined and our ankles....soon our knees...are becoming is good to know that the Republic  Obama wanted to ruin was already ruined. 
     Soon the people he led to do the ruin will soon turn on him, just like they turned on Robespierre, using his neck to redden the blade as well.   Frida laughing at the image of Trotsky with a hachet in his head....

     "Pass me down that last bottle.  I'll take it with me on the way down.   Listen!  The band is playing the National Anthem!  Glory Be!!!"