Friday, 1 March 2013

A shudder moved through the room....

     Things like this can frighten small incompetent, self-centred little bullies.   People like Obama, Hillary, Holder and their types.   Throughout uniondom and all the little bailiwicks of the hopelessly morally challenged in terms of handling other peoples' money, like Chicago, can see this news and tremble.    There is some irony because this woman was the arch-nemisis of Josephina Mota, the conservative candidate in the last Presidential elections.   She went into Gloria Alred mode against the female conservative candidate, especially because of the educational and union reforms Josephina had been proposing.   The irony?   The winner of the election, Enrique Pen~a Nieto of the centrist PRI party essentially adopted the same reforms and union rules and procedures overhaul, passed it all through Congress with the PRI and the conservative PAN joining to make a 4 to 1 majority against the thoroughly marxist PRD.
     We include the Business Insider article below.    This psychotic hag did much to destroy what had been a pretty nice educational system, especially during the last six to eight years of her erratic, rapacious terms of service.  The union "leaders" in the United States might do well to consider what has befallen this, "the most powerful woman in Mexico".
     This is a woman who frequently said that she did not serve Mexico, but rather Mexico served her.....and that there will never be a President who could boss her around.     During the previous term of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa,  the investigations began.   Incredibly, the new administration took the information, kept the prosecutors and investigators as hold-overs and pursued the case to this point.   
Elba Esther Gordillo in court on 27 February
Gordillo has a strange resemblance to another woman who
has done so much for women.

The Alleged Extravagances Of Mexico's Most Powerful Woman Are Something To Behold

Elba Esther Gordillo Mexico
REUTERS/Imelda Medina
Elba Esther Gordillo, the head of Mexico's powerful, 1.5-million strong national teachers’ union, was arrested earlier this week on charges related to corruption.

Many see the arrest as an attempt by Mexico's new president, Enrique Peña Nieto, to put his foot down on a woman who had pretty much become a kingmaker in the country — able to send 1.5 million votes to whomever she wished.  Either way, allegations about Gordillo's luxurious lifestyle have been widespread over the past few days. It's something to behold.
      While she was born into poverty, Gordillo currently holds the title of “president for life” of the teacher's union. She has been its leader for 24 years.  Officially, her monthly salary is around $6,000, according to the Independent. However, in the past the Mexican press has asked how she could afford an outfit that included $1,200 shoes and a $5,500 purse.  She appears to frequently get plastic surgery, and is also reported to own a $1.6 million home in La Jolla, a San Diego. Calif., suburb.
     Gordillo was arrested on Tuesday as she got off her private jet, flying between San Diego and Mexico City. Gordillo and two allies were accused of being siphoning off $200 million of union money, a figure investigators claim is only 10 percent of the money missing.   According to Mexican blog Animal Politico, that money was reportedly linked to $17,000 of plastic surgery, $650,000 paid to an art gallery, and a $2.1 million shopping spree at the Neiman Marcus store in San Diego. Other questionable expenditures included bills for hangar rental and aircraft maintenance, according to the Miami Herald.
     Gordio's generosity to her staff was famous. In 2006, Gordillo was reported to have taken 125 of her employees and their children on a seven-day Pacific cruise. She was later reported to have given a fleet of Hummers to regional bosses in 2008. (They were later raffled for charity.) The Miami Herald reports that she had even been planning to take union leaders on an all-expenses paid cruise to the Caribbean from Miami late last year, but cancelled when she heard of education reforms.
     Gordillo has fended off threats before, in her own idiosyncratic way. According to the Guardian she claims to have "held off an imminent attempt to depose her in the late 1990s with the help of a witchcraft ceremony up a Nigerian mountain in which she was clothed with the pelt of a white lion that had been skinned alive."
     It doesn't seem likely she'll go down without a fight — according to the BBC, Gorio wants her tombstone to read: "Here lies a warrior, and as a warrior she died.
It is very doubtful that she will leave prison until she is well into  advanced dementia.
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