Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Bit of View of the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre "en plena flor"

     We are including a few housekeeping photos of the Quinta de la Sierra Madre (our little mud-hut hideaway on the skirts of the Sierra Madre Oriental deep inside of Mexico).   The rains of May were generous and well timed, and our neighbor from the Hacienda de La Vega next door to us took a few shots to forward to us so as to give the OROGs and other visitors some idea of how dense the foliage and growies become in this locale.
     The trick is, of course, to prune gently and often, so as to be prepared for these very seasonal and predictable rains.   The moisture along with the heat of day and cool of night produce a growing environment that is all but perfect.   Without further ado:

This is a "before" picture from around
 very early Spring of 2012

     So as to allow the OROGs and other visitors an idea of how our horticultural efforts have progressed, we are posting this slightly dated picture to the left, that shows a "nice enough" array of plants and flowering goodies, primarily dedicated to the attraction of hummingbirds and butterflies.
     The next pictures show how the grounds appear after the application of about 19 inches of rain in a month and half (mid-April) through the month of May.   These rains are, once again, seasonal, and at times reach up into the 25  - 30 inch level for the first annual rainy
      Some years back, I believe it was 
2004, we had a year's total of 108 inches.  That was when we took relatively meticulous records of rainfall totals.   We also had almost continuous trouble with a leakey roof which we finally resolved, much to the credit of our Majordomo, Alvaro and his brother Constancio
     On the picture below the OROG can see the "tunnel effect" for which we have worked so long to install at the Quinta.  As one moves around, during 10 months of the year, our little hideaway has several series of arched greenery that give the appearance of tunnels leading to and from various destinations on the grounds and down to our Rio Corona, about 200 yards distant, on the south edge of our property.

The wooly nature of the Quinta
during this rainy period.

     These pictures were taken right around 14:00 hours, CDT, so it can be seen that the "long west-facing corridor" is totally shaded. At the carport, one can see Sergeant Major Alvaro's auto, parked therein.  
     Alvaro's political preferences are displayed on the rear windshield.  He has steadily become more of a "Republican" (Partido de Accion Nacional - PAN) over the years with us, and helped in the successful campaign of the last elections that were carried heavily by the PAN from governor on down to dog-catcher throughout  the State of Tamaulipas.   It was the first loss for the "government party - PRI" in a century.   And it was a rout.

 Guera, the Rhodesian
 Lion Hound  

     On the right one might recognise one of our neighbour's dogs.   She is a massive, tranquil, 93 pound, Rhodesian Lion Hound, also known as a Ridgeback.  She took a liking to one of our best clients who is also a member of the family, in that he is the father-in-law of my daughter.
     Not so long ago...two or three months....Guera came sauntering up and flopped down at my fellow father-in-law's feet, while he was relaxing in one of the massive rustic rocking chairs that are built to induce sleep.   My guest was whelmed by the dog's attraction and loyalty to him.   He and I both are decidedly cat people, although we have two "perros de plants" (dogs of the property).  We also have three cats, who also bothered their visitors, begging kitty-candies, and seeking chin-scratchings and other attentions.
     During the above identified gentleman's week-long stay, this noble hound would accompany him on treks to the Rio Corona and other destinations as if they were long-time friends.   This is very uncharacteristic for this dog, and for Rhodesians in general.   They are not mean, to be sure, but they are also not very outgoing.  While saying that, Guera's brother, Bin Ladin III ( Number I was born on 11 September 2001) is a bit on the mean side, even all-but-eviscerating his brother about six months ago.   Now they get along swimmingly, but whenever I am over at the Hacienda de La Vega, one eye is always on Bin Laden III.

El Gringo Viejo