Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dear Barry: Why? Why not? We can trust you? You are a confidable person? You are knowledgeable?


   Barry, you "slyly" point out that the Republicans could not stand up to a little questioning by the Obsolete Press at the CNBC-moderated debate.   And in keeping with their "cowardice" , the Republicans are also afraid of ''..three year old children and widows" who are "simply refugees".

     In keeping with the reassurance that "....if you like your plan, you can keep your plan....and if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...." allow us to inquire a bit upon the following -

    You want us to understand that "....we have a robust vetting programme and procedure....".   This is patently not true.  No one with reasonable assessment exposure remotely believes this.  You are, as usual, blatantly lying.   Your ghoulish, muslim-intertwined White House cadre of mindless cogs in a horrid wheel of treason is repeating Saul Alinsky-inspired invective....and it will not allow this explanation of yours to work.

     We know that the refugees are constituted of 72% males between the ages of 15 and 50.   We can see them, many with hoodies tightly covering identifying parts of the head, in these lines of "refugees" .    We know by polling them,men and women alike, that almost fifty per cent  blame all their problems on Israel and then the Great Satan....the United States of America.

      We know that there have not been any Christians who have thrown Muslims overboard from the "liberty boats" crossing the Mediterranean. But at each point of encounter of big waves, taking on water, or whatever,  Muslims, as if by script, throw any available Christians overboard.   No one will say anything....except for the fact that 15% of Muslims still have souls and have ratted out their Hell-bound brethren.

      The "narrative" of the 15% is somehow "overlooked" by the Obsolete Media.   That same media overlooks the fact that all these men leaving Syria and Iraq and any place they can leave are either (1) cowards unwilling to defend their country (2) just plain cowards  (3) guys who were involved in the drug trade and failed to pay for a load or other transaction  (4) guys who became tired of squalling babies and complaining, bitchy wives, and who were not man enough to take control of their women, children, and social condition, (5) criminals trying to escape common warrants from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates, Bahrain, etc.  (6) assignees by the "board of directors" of ISIS to join fellow jihadists in Europe and the New World to slaughter as many infidels and heretics as possible.

     If these people need refuge, let them take it near their homes with a guard from NATO and/or the "Euroforce" refugee camps.   Their hidey-hole should not and must not be the American, nor the Mexican or Central American, nor the Canadian Hinterland.   We see the cultural and sociological rot and cancer they bring with them in Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, everywhere they go...filth and disorder, sloth and violence.
    They immediately convert to the filth, wee-weeing in the joint-crack on the trunks of motor-cars of gentiles and Jews, to the abuse and brutalization of their own women and girls and any other Gentile women within reach, the private parts of whom they abuse and brutalise, and the graffiti, garbage, unbathed conditions, vandalism,  surliness, riots, etc.
     They do these things because of a well-deserved sense of inferiority.  That sense of inferiority is blamed upon us,  those who are the normal.   And our accusers are the Jihadists and their main ally, Barry, (Sir Edmund) Hillary, and the Obsolete Press.