Monday, 23 November 2015

The Anglican Curmudgeon Speaks to the "Refugee Issue"


     We are reluctant to do this re-posting due to the fact that we genuinely know it to be a form of trespassing.  However, while admonishing the OROG community to visit with some frequency the Blogsite of The Anglican Curmudgeon for the purpose of self-edification, it is necessary, at times, to make certain that we show examples of why such visits are worthwhile.   Very Worthwhile.

Mr. A.C. Haley, who is The Anglican Curmudgeon ( writes, unapologetically, unabashedly, and in clear language, the following:

Has America Sold Her Christian Soul?

The ISIS/ISIL/IS (could we please agree on a convention, folks? -- see below) terrorists in Paris have finally pushed America over the top, it would seem.

Well, let the reader decide. Here are just the straight facts:

1. The President proposes to increase the number of refugees authorized to immigrate here by up to 100,000 per year by 2017. This year alone, at least 10,000 will come from Syria.

2. More than 96% of the Syrian refugees the President and the State Department are bringing in identify themselves as Muslim.

3. Since over 70% of the civilian mass murders in recent times have been carried out by Muslims; since ISIS/ISIL/IS proclaims itself to be the re-establishment of the ancient Islamic caliphate; and since ISISILIS (let's just call it that: pronounced I-SIS'-I-LIS, to rhyme with syphilis) has announced its intention to bring Paris-style terrorism to these shores, many Americans think that to bring tens of thousands of Muslims into America from a country where ISISILIS operates is a particularly bad idea.

4. The Republicans in the House, led by their new Speaker Paul Ryan, have introduced a bill that supposedly requires the Government to check all new Syrian emigrants before approving them for travel to the US and resettlement there. The bill is a sham, because its vetting requirements are mostly meaningless, impractical to carry out, and may be evaded with a simple certification.

5. The President, however, is not one to allow the House Republicans to show him up as unconcerned for America's safety. He has announced he will veto the Republican bill -- before he even has seen what it will finally say -- because his administration is already taking the necessary steps to protect usAnd the media, as usual, are right behind him.

6. At the same time, the chief religious denominations in the US are also joining in castigating the Republicans for trying to put limits on the resettlement of Syrian Muslims -- even if some of the immigrants might prove to be terrorists traveling incognito. That is just the price we will have to pay for our upholding Christian principles of charity toward all strangers -- "be not afraid!"

7. Other religious groups and House Republicans -- a definite minority in both places -- point out that it is a little hypocritical for the majority denominations to speak of "simple Christian charity", because it is precisely the Syrian Christians who are being persecuted and driven out of their traditional regions. At the same time, the State Department, pursuant to Obama's direction, absolutely refuses to open up any refugee resettlement slots for Christians.

8. President Obama and the major Christian denominations say that admission to America must never be based on any kind of "religious test" -- regardless of the fact that our immigration laws require that a refugee's religion be taken into account, since one of the most prominent forms of persecution in refugee areas is religious persecution: just as Syrian Christians are, as you read this, being persecuted and driven out of their homes by Syrian Muslims.

9. Evangelical Christians add that they do not need any of their fellow Christians rescued, as they are already "eager to share their faith with [the non-Christian] new arrivals."  So the suffering Christians should apparently just go on suffering, as far as their evangelical brethren are concerned.

10. Meanwhile, as all this takes place, Obama's unilateral changes last year to immigration enforcement policy are allowing over 80% of those already here illegally to stay without fear of deportation.

The end result is that President Obama and his State Department, joined by the media and major Christian denominations, want only Syrian Muslims brought into the country, regardless of their backgrounds. The House Republicans, meanwhile, want to be seen as opposing this policy while also doing nothing  to stop it, or to help Syrian Christians. All of them do not want the immigration laws enforced as written -- if doing so would mean that most Syrian Christians would qualify for resettlement here. The Christians, as a consequence, are left to perish.

As Dave Barry always says, you cannot make this stuff up.
     As we have stated, we do not like re-posting.   We would advise the OROGs, even in this case to visit the Anglican Curmudgeon's blogsite to see the spirited comment section of this particular set of observations made by The Anglican Curmudgeon himself.    The site is normally given over to relatively deep and extremely deep canon law, canon law interfacing with civil and criminal law in the various States and the American union, and matters of Anglican, and what is left of Anglican, and other such Orthodox Christian denominations.
     We consider Mr. Haley's understanding, knowledge, and way of expressing himself to be of the highest order and certainly worthy of all men/women to be received and studied.   He has diverged a bit from his normal commentary and analysis, and edged into the frontier of our own less disciplined and more "overly expressive" and vitriolic way of commenting.
    He has moved from the legal, ecclesiastical, historical Church theatre of concern into the popular political, cultural, and secular historical philosophical zone.  The mire, muck, and tar-pits of present day sociological thinking, political maneuvering, and mud-wrestling are not a befitting place for a person of such stature.  But!!  He joins the fight and conducts himself, as usual, with an intellectual precision and bite that cannot be equalled.

    I call, therefore, his latest posting to All OROGs' Attention,  because it will help all of us and our little grey cells in the processing our natural law and common law understanding of to-day's events. We have provided a link above and here below   so as to further facilitate your access.   We consider it that important and valuable.

We move on to the sound of the cannons.
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