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The Mexican Credencial Federal Electoral

We have tried and tried to convince the washed masses of elitists and those, who knowing little and understanding nothing, are decidedly self-appointed experts on everything.   They have taken that position, also taken by the bleeding hearts and demagogues, that Texas is evil for requiring a photo ID in order to vote.  Those same elitists assure us that it is one of the worst forms of racism  and something that will take us quickly back to slavery.
     It is the position of the liberals, progressives, and other assorted marxists that people of Mexican and African descent are too stupid to do anything without the direct intervention of the superior white liberals who come from approved graduate programmes from approved universities.
     Admittedly, there are many people even of my own political persuasion who find it hard to believe what El Gringo Viejo tries to point out every now and then.  We have the luxury, at this age and position in life, to be able to say, if a person chooses to not believe the following, the problem is his and not mine.
     If one travels to the mother-lode of people with any kind of Mexican ancestry (Mexico), he will find that not only are photo-identifications used in Mexican elections, they are required.   In spades.
     Not only that, but at each Mexican polling station in these times, and since the last three presidential elections and all intervening gubernatorial, Congressional, and local elections, one arrives and finds polls workers in possession of a thick catalogue with the roster of qualified electors for that precinct complete with that elector's photograph.   Each named elector has a picture of the elector that must match the image of said elector on the voter's credential.  The card itself is sturdy, and has the thumbprint of the elector on the rear.  There are two endorsements, and the voter must sign in with his/her signature or rubric.   There are thirteen security markers, three encryptions, and the Instituto Electoral Federal (IFE) makes the stern admonition, NO CREDENCIAL - NO VOTACION.
     These changes came after essentially pulling teeth without benefit of numbing agents during the 1980s and 1990s.  During the past three presidential elections, there were no reasonable challenges made to the elections' results.  Each election precinct is governed by a committee representing each of the parties fielding candidates relative to that "casilla electoral".  All must sign that the election process at that voting site was without stain or disorder.  A quick process for passing up protests to a judiciary is provided for, has been used, and decisions have been accepted, 99.9% of the time quite readily.  Among the hard leftists, there have been a few, very few abrasive moments, but that is due, as usual, to the left's desire to provoke riots, disorder, and mayhem out of any perceived (fabricated) injustice.   Ferguson and Treyvon are not situations that occur only in the United States.
Typical voting scene somewhere in the
Interior of Mexico.   49,000,000 people
voted, that being about 62%  of all that

    And abuse?  In a country where women first voted in the early 1950s, and where elections were generally seen as shams, except in rare cases, the CEF has become an icon of liberty and mile marker of orderly democratic republican practice of governance.   For instance, the CEF is used as a formal identifier more than even the sacred Pasaporte Mexicano.   Give your attention to this USA - Today article from the year 2012:

But voting was not the main reason she was getting it. The free photo ID issued by the Federal Electoral Institute had become the accepted way to prove one's identity — and is a one-card way to open a bank account, board an airplane and buy beer.

Voting was almost an afterthought to Martínez.

"They ask for it everywhere," she said. "It's very difficult to live without it."

National IDs for voting, or proving citizenship, is an idea that is being floated in the United States to crack down on voter fraud, illegal immigration and foreign terrorists.

Proponents, such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform, say it is an efficient way to verify identities and prevent crime. Opponents, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, describe it as an invasion of privacy. Minority advocacy groups have even alleged that the cards would frighten minorities going to the polls.

But Mexico has not seen many problems with its card, and national identity cards have been issued for years in France, Poland, Singapore, Brazil, to prove citizenship.





    And, for those who say that the right-wing bigots who hate minorities cannot point to even on example of voter fraud anywhere....please....just shut up.  In these four counties alone where we have more people registered to vote by far than we have native born or naturalised adults, each election is beset by claims and charges that voter engineers, usually large women who use lots of make-up and carry big, heavy purses.   In the local vernacular, these women are  known as "politiqueras" and other people, usually males, known as "polleros" (chicken herders) who strive to register illegal (or even legal) voters and/or sell the votes of bloques of family members and friends.  These people  have been practicing these and many other time-tested "vote enhancement" shenanigans, all illegal since voting first started in South Texas in the 1850s.
Makin' a list, checkin' it twice, gonna find out
whose naughty and nice....!!
    The ''politiqueras" are particularly loathsome because they will rough up and intimidate granny in the rest home to sign an absentee ballot without it having been "voted".  The "politiquera" tells granny that she will take care of that later.   And yes, Virginia, during the last elections, after a great clean-up of all such offenses a couple of years ago, it was worse than ever.  Thousands of questionable votes actually went into the judicial process, all Democrat Primaries....all thoroughly corrupt....and incensed if somebody points it out.   But please remember that the County Tax Assessor and Collector's Office in Starr County is under lock-down and intense forensic accounting recovery concerning millions of dollars of money just lifted out by the staff and administration of said office...which also controls the voting mechanics of Starr County, Texas.   Hidalgo County has the ex-Sheriff and his immediate subordinate doing long terms in prison now, due to collusion with drug traffickers, involving huge sums of money....The Sheriff's son, and various of the relatives of other heavy duty quadruple - AAAA minor league Democrat office holders are all learning license-plate engineering in the prison shop, now.   Let us remember the now defunct, and resurrected under a legion of different names, ACORN.....illegally registered literally hundreds of thousands of voters registration applications over the years.   Proven in court....Virginia.  And yes, for you and me and mine, Virginia, there is still that same Santa Claus watching after us!!

El Gringo Viejo