Monday, 20 October 2014

Heading South on Thursday - Just Voted

   We went over to the new city hall, here in town, and voted absentee.  In that I was there at 07:00 hours, and one computer for voter intake was down and the other was asleep, the first two folks were being delayed, while my paperwork was in order and the computer suddenly  awoke.   So, at 7:02, your humble servant was the first to cast a straight Republican ballot at the Mission, Texas absentee voter central.  Because of the wardrobe malfunction of the  first computer, I was the first person to cast any ballot of any kind.  The two fellows who were having problems were still having problems by the time I left.
     Their problem was that they had been sucked into the computer system, and there was no way to "back out" because their voters' qualifications had already been "eaten" and they were already half-processed.   They had to wait to vote until the problem was solved electronically from Edinburg, the county seat.
     Just as I was holding one of the outside doors open for a couple of little old ladies....Latin Republican voters....I heard the machine number 1 wake up and begin to whirr, pumping out two strips to apply to the voter roll.  So the two fellows were not delayed all that much.
     As the two little old ladies trundled to their voting area, a very obvious fact was revealed to me by the Cosmos.   The clouds parted and a voice spake, saying, "Gringo Viejo,   Why do you not tell your people how strange it is that Blacks and Latins who are Republicans do not seem to have any problem with the voter registration and identification issue.   It is only the Democrat Blacks and Latins who seem to be incapable, supposedly,  of obtaining  a valid personal Identification."
Just a thought.
El Gringo Viejo