Friday, 17 October 2014

A Quick Word for the Nurses - and a Longer Word for Why the Avoidance of the Truth About WMD in Iraq

THE NURSES and all those at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital - Dallas
     You are our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, and wives. You, whether you wish to be or not, have become real, live Texans involved in being blamed for errors of people who are "more important" than the two of you.   You both committed yourselves to a daunting, perhaps impossible task, in trying to save a man that should never have been where he was in the first place.
     Although he must have felt a certain desperation, he did not have the right, morally or legally, to come into a place and expect a free cure for something he knew was not curable.   But, more, El Gringo Viejo faults the arrogant, snippy, and condescending people such as Dr. Frieden who poo-poo's any questioning about the accuracy of his conclusions and protocols.
     As it has turned out, everything  said by Barack Hussein Obama and Dr. Frieden has been false, probably even purposely false (a lie ).   The hood-ornament for the preposterousness of their positions and statements is the advisory given by Dr. Frieden when he made it known that people could ride trains and planes and busses with Ebola without any danger at all, and  furthermore, people should not ride in a train or plane or bus in order to avoid being contaminated with Ebola.  Perhaps a tie for first place is Barack Obama reassuring everyone that the chances for Ebola making into the United States are "very low".
     El Gringo Viejo calls upon all Texans to express personal offense at the discard of these two Registered Nurses who threw themselves upon the barbed-wire fence, in order to protect US....their fellow Texians.   And  who then suffered the condescending ridicule of the "important people'.   Here, among us, you Nurses are the important people and we are pulling for you, lighting candles for you, and invoking the Saints to your defence and comfort.

    We feel as though you have been taken to places where you cannot communicate, and where you will be convinced by skilful interrogators that you somehow have culpability in the matter of this dispersal of this plague.   You do not.  It lies with Dr. Frieden and the President and those who are willing to sacrifice the "little people" for the greater purpose of establishing a nationalised health system, operated by the same government that caused this problem.


     As most OROGs know, this writer has always believed, nay, known that these stores of weaponry existed.
     Saddam Hussein had this weaponry available during the Iraq - Iran War which lasted eight years and cost a minimum of 1,000,000 dead, combatants and civilians (estimate is very conservative).
     Saddam Hussein had very advanced chemists and other scientists working on improvements to his nerve gas reserves.  They were working on biological and nuclear, with abandon.   Even after the war with Iran, suddenly Hussein managed to come up with the best AAA-minor league stash of cannon-missile-bomber delivered nerve-gas around.   Somewhere there were biologics and stuff for nuclear....already underway in terms of processing to at least a Hiroshima level set of bomb....more than enough for all the capitals of places Saddam hated.
     The Hebrews were so informed and so sure of their information that they bombed the slop out of a "peaceful nuclear programme facility" to the west of Baghdad in 1981.  This took out a French Osiris small nuclear reactor usually adapted to electricity production.  The problem is that, Iraqis, who are not stupid in advanced math and science, were working on building an Osiriq variation of the really neat little French machine. The "shell" and much understructure and superstructure had already been  built.

    This was known as IDF-AF Operation Osirik and  was totally successful!  The Israelis reduced the place to rubble.
     The removal of 7,000 nerve-gas warheads adaptable to multiple delivery systems, and the discovery of enough yellow-cake to have to require three (perhaps two) different deliveries to Canada as radioactive waste weighing over 2,000 tonnes of uranium....delivered through Basra and two oceans during the later stages of the Bush 2nd enough to underscore that, yes Virginia, there really were weapons of mass destruction.
    This nerve gas alone would have been enough to kill everyone in Riyadh, Alexandria, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beirut, and Amman....along with Damascus.
     Nothing serious.
     And if the OROG or anyone wants to wonder if there are good Ishmaelites or if they are all bad.....these agents of death were not employed by middle and fairly high ranking Iraqi army officers and weapons-systems bureaucrats once it became apparent that the Gringos had won the 2nd War.  They did not have the inhumanity to do so.
   One scientist, I remember, from a CNN  clip took an American heavy infantry platoon, with all civility and hospitality, to his back yard and told him that Hussein had sent people to tell him to bury his centrifuges.  Upon digging them up, it was apparent that the centrifuges were not the kind one might encounter in a medical laboratory or a college chemistry class.   They were about half the size of a king-sized bed, and about three feet tall.  The man said that there were "many, buried in many yards and places". 
     This brings us to the point.  It is about Karl Rove.  It is about the Country Club Republicans against  lower range blue-bloods, the blue collars, the small business people, the skilled blue collar people, and all those who make America, America.   The Country Club people pretty much see a crystal wiggle when they are looking through the "others".  Just because all of them call themselves Republicans does not mean that the lower range blue-bloods, the blue collar, the small business people, the skilled blue collar people and all those who make America, America...the "lower group" should be allowed any peek into the "Holy Tent of the Covenant".
    They genuinely despise us.  They despise us much more-so than they a kinder and gentler way, of course....Democrats, socialists, criminal politicians like the Clintons, marxists, and all others who live on Cape Cod, in Kennebunkport, or the Correct Place,  and Beyondyourreachia.  We can bring to mind that Barbara Bush recently informed the lessers that she felt towards William Jefferson Blythe as though he were her own son.  And George and Billy Jeff get along so well saving the Haitians (all of whom are still rotting save for a few hundred who have been primped and dressed to look like human beings), and the people of the Tsunami of wheneveritwas.  Those people mainly pulled themselves up by their own efforts although the Clintons are taking credit for it.
     When those of us who knew that the truth about the WMDs asked of the "important people" why George the Lesser would not defend himself, the answers were not coherent.  When Scooter Libby was thrown under the bus, no pardon, no nothing when he was totally innocent of any crime....nothing....not a finger lifted.   Libby, although a good liberal Republican like Cheney....was not to the manor born.
     Karl Rove was always the stalking horse in Texas Republican politics for the Country Club people.  One of the rare agreements my remaining brother and I had was an abiding distaste for the high-handedness of Karl when he was doing the bidding of the Earls and Dukes and especially Duchesses.  This particular brother was the Executive Director of the Republican Party of Texas in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  He served a long term of it as John Tower's AA in Washington, D.C.  during the 1970s, and Tower was proud to serve as Godfather for that brother's first son's baptism.  Then that brother established a group called the Associated Republicans of Texas, a group that had considerable success in the election of local and State-wide Republican candidates through the 1980s and 1990s and continues to this day, I am given to understand.  Work by that political action committee....totalling huge sums and scores of 0thousands of hours of technical assistance...converted Texas to what is now the most Red state in the union.   But Karl was always there to subvert to the greatest extent possible.  The Country Club people were never comfortable with having too many of "them" in anything identifiably Republican.   Each Country Clubber had his/her image what "them" is.  To Barbara Bush...a multiple sexual assaulter and crook and perjurer is A-OK.
     We began to feel a long time back that Karl and Jim Baker were determined to keep the discovery of weapons of mass destruction out of the popular consciousness even if it justified our effort and restored our honour.   The Voice Behind the Curtain....and those on the social registry in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and other such approved places were really tired of talking about guns and bombs, and against the right to choose, and all those "southern type things"... and that it was time to let Iraq ride into the sunset.   It was time to embrace the homosexuals  and let girls take care of their "inconveniences" and "reach out" to the people who had been downtrodden so long.   (???????????????????????)  After all, we have to be reasonable.
     This is a song of lament.  It is readily recognised that the Bush family et al is far, far beyond the Clintons, the Obamas, and almost the entire coterie of the Democrat national socialists, in terms of class and character.  A toenail clipping of either George Bush has more class than all generations of the Billy Jeff Clinton lineage twenty generations to the past and forty generations to the future.
     To George W.'s discredit, it seemed that he could not have cared less about the covering up of the proof that WMDs had existed and how revealing such information would have positively  affected the Republican Party and the national psyche.   It is all very troubling.   But, who cares?  El Gringo Viejo is only one of those lower level aristocrat slobs, or skilled blue collar or small businessman or proprietor-types....not qualified for having the regal sword drawn across his shoulder by a well-crowned person.
More Later.
El Gringo Viejo