Friday, 17 October 2014

Father Obamaham promises: Nobody gots no Obolo, and it's those nurses' fault.

    Typical liberal - progressive tactic:   The system breaks down, as scheduled and on purpose, thereby exposing a large population of generally blameless people to a dangerous plague.
    First:   Disseminate all nature of pleasant sounding reassurances.  Indicate that there is no danger.
    Second:   Maintain in force those conditions and procedures that further the possibility of disaster, contamination, and lack of preparedness to respond.
    Third:   Keep all channels open so that a carrier of the plague can be inserted as far into the centre of the Republic as possible.  Passive measures are sufficient, because the TSA employees are generally stupid, untrained, unconcerned, lazy, and filled with a sense of both pre-potency and victimhood.
Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin had well
over three days to fuel up the school and city
fleet of busses to carry scores of thousands
to safety.  They ran and dithered.  And then
blamed Bush, who was the only one who did
anything.   Lib-think...
     Fourth:  Cause there to be a clamour for another useless layer of bureaucracy....such as a "czar" do to things.  (A), further confuse the matter, as in the case of "Homeland Security", and (B), have someone to blame for being even more incompetent than the nincompoops who allowed the plague to be inserted into the populace to begin with.
     Fifth:   Choose a "czar" such as the general Bush put into the New Orleans situation after Nagel and Blanco had essentially destroyed the entire city by stupidity and inaction.   Then after about a month, leak information to the Obsolete Media that the "czar" is a child molester who murdered his mother and beat his wife while marching in pro-life rallies against abortion.

     Generally:   During this entire episode, ridicule any realistic measures that would literally break the back of the spread of the plague,  such as declaring no air or sea connections to the plague-involved  area for at least one year.   Such measures have already been taken to great success by every adjacent African nation....and nations as far away as Jamaica...along with 20 European nations.
    We could begin serving solutions to the problem with various C-5s that are sleeping on runways right now.  Each one can deliver enough expendables and medical supplies to supply Corpus Christi, Texas  for three days.   Remember what the Gringos did for Berlin during the post World War II Airlift....(with no C-5 Galaxies).
The C - 5 Galaxy
The Cavalry to the Rescue
There is nothing prettier to an afflicted
people than the sight of an American
relief flight.
     Remember these basic facts.   Saying, "Why doesn't Father Obamaham understand that what he is doing is not working....?"  is a fool's creed.  It is Valerie Jarrett's total mission to destroy America as the pre-eminent nation in the world.  It is the work of Steyer - Soros - and the board of directors of five or six very prestigious-sounding  foundations...Annenberg, Ford, Rockefeller, the Obsolete Media, and the entire progressive - marxist movement.
     Sending in United States Army National Guard medical and supply units attached to the 101st Airborne Division is lunacy.  It is a purposeful denigration of the most advanced Guard units and treating them like cub-scouts.  In fact, there are many, many civilian groups who would be willing to take United States Air Force planes to the Ebola Zone and work in the mess; people with substantial training in no-con and "putting on the duds" and all such protective measure.   The French...Mon Dieu!!! Le Francaise!!! Les Docteurs sans Frontieres have performed heroically in horridly horrid conditions to more than excellent effect, as have we.   Co-ordinating with them, others like them, and backing them up with Americans who know what they are doing, and C-5 Galaxy type delivery conveyances,  that is the answer.
     If we think that this assembly of errors were accidental, then we are hopelessly lost in a desert of disbelief.  Every measure taken by this administration....even the pinning of a few medals on a few military personnel and saying a few throwaway words....can easily be recast in the light of the true treatment this Administration has rendered to the military in general.  The trading of 5 Taliban high-ranking personalities for one deserter/collaborator is an example of Barry's contempt for the military and the concept of America.   We send this note of strength, resolve, showmanship, sincerity of a common Southerner dedicated to the Good Will that still unites us in spite of the contempt shown the Nurses who served loyally, willingly, and yes, even heroically  on the front lines in Dallas in spite of the incompetence of the central government officers:

     Back to the medicine chest for my Airwick and Nodoz.  I might even take some Gold Bond Powder for gargling.
El Gringo Viejo