Tuesday, 18 September 2012


     The facts about the 47%.    It is not a monolith.   Suffice that almost everyone who is using Medicaid, AFDC, and Food Stamps are lost.   There are so many other methods by which the United States attempts to seduce the people away from their own care and nurture.   It does not behoove this writer to go through the litany.   There are even "free" cellular telephones and calling plans especially designed for telephonic Miss Flukies who feel that someone else should pay for her stupid banal conversation.  "I'm on the aisle with all the pasta now, but I still don't see it."
      In the programs known as Social Security, Social Security Supplemental Income, and Social Security Disability, food stamps:   Surveys consistently indicate that between 33 and 37 percent of all such money goes to the following applications:
                                                  American Indian Indirect Investment System
                                                  Las Vegas and Atlantic City Indirect Investment System
                                                  Gambling Princess Cruises
                                                  Let's Beat Up Your Grandmother, Get her check, buy some crack
                                                  Let's Beat Up that old bag over there, get her check n'go smoke
                                                  I'll give you 30 cents on the dollar for your Lone Star Card.
                                                  Have any of you boys seen my ATM card?
                                                  Auntie Zietuni
                                                  Uncle Onyango
                                                  Gimme 10 Monster Zombo scratch offs and 10 Easy Lottos
     The bulk of the rest of the Social Security pension program....the very standard payments....go to geezers who use the money to do the following:
                                                 Pay normal domestic operations
                                                 Subsidise business ideas and applications
                                                 Savings and portfolio applications
                                                 gifts for grandchildren
                                                 Reserve and discretionary fund
     So, what this is about, is that while there is a large entitlement outlay, and it is too large, and it should be constrained, much of it goes to investment and rational domestic expenses.  The people who use Social Security repayments in this manner are very apt to vote to the right.   Many are Tea Party People or second career Geezers, or Geezers who have small businesses that employ significant numbers of skilled and productive people.
      This means that the concern about the the universe of potential  straight-thinking voters being shrunk because so many people receive "government checks", is a little over-estimated.    There are also military pensioners who tend to vote to the right.   So, this number of 47% that is bantied about by Rush, Romney and others...is way, way too overly pessimistic.
      Sixty-eight percent of Social Security recipients have two or more strains of investment or royalty income and/or collections of guns, things, antiques, coins, stamps, gold & silver, art pieces, and so forth, as well.   Many work and/or are self-employed.    The Geezer vote will probably break out 65 - 35 in favour of Mr. Romney.    In spite of everything.