Monday, 17 September 2012

Believe it or not

      Vince Foster took a pistol, not his own, and put the barrel in his mouth, pulled the trigger and essentially blew the back of his head off.   He then took a shower, put on a nice, fresh, starched and ironned white dress shirt, a nice jacket and pants combination, walked over to Fort Marcy Park, laid himself down with his head leaning onto a tree, crossed his arms over his chest, still holding the pistol, (not his own).
     Several hundred thousand muslim extremists decided on the morning of the 11th of September to go down to the the American Embassy or Counsel most available, and burn, destroy, murder, and chant.."I am also Usama!" along with other meaningful epithets and admonitions.   It was all spontaneous.   The moderate Muslim Brotherhood had nothing to do with any of it, and in fact worked to minimise, difuse, and calm the justifiable anger of the masses caused by a"film" released many months ago.   The film points out how there is a group within the Muslim faith that is so stupid and lacking in self-control and self-worth that they will insanely attack people and buildings that have nothing to do with the films. Because of that, these people feel compelled to insanely attack people and buildings that have nothing to do with the films.
     It is the same disorder that affects other people who riot and burn down their own neighbourhoods  when an incident occurs, is said to have occurred, might have occurred, did not occur but would have been bad if it had occurred, or because a Korean family bought the liquor store and turned it into a specialty grocery and general merchandise shop.
Huma Mamood Abendin -Weiner
referred to by (Sir Edmund) Hillary as
 "a second daughter", also known as
Hillary's "body woman" during the
bloody 2008 Democrat Presidential
Primary.  Huma is very important, is
a new mother of Anthony Weiner's
baby, and is (Sir Edmund)Hillary's
immediate subordinate at State.
She also has the unfortunate problem
of having her (late) father, her mother,
and her brother connected to a group of
stamp collectors known as "The Muslim
Brotherhood".  Huma assured everyone
that these outbreaks were spontaneous. 
     We know that what is represented in the second paragraph is especially true because (Sir Edmund) Hillary Rodham, Perpetual Queen of the Universe, and the greatest, most betterest than everybody else, said it was true.   We know it is true because Ambassador Susan Rice who serves as our Ambassador to the United Nations said it happened that way.    And we also know it is true because (Sir Edmund)Hillary's prime aide, the wife of Anthony Weiner....of late a United States Representative for a district in New York State and facebook a nice Muslim girl, and a marxist, so the Secretary of State must know everything about this matter....just like she (Hillary) dazzled the markets with her clairvoyance concerning cattle futures, many years and corkscrewings ago.
    We also know it is true because the Obsolete Press continues to include statements such as ..."provoked by an outlandlish film besmirching the Prophet Muhammad".  And we know that it must be true because the FBI arrested the producer/director of the ultra-minor league film yesterday, saying that he was "wanted for questioning concerning violations of parole with reference to a convictions concerning financial matters". 
      It is absolutely certain that this detention had evcerything to do with the matter at hand in the Middle East, and the  desire on the part of the Adminstration effect....take a bow towards the rioters, and show that we are much kinder and gentler to their sensibilities as murderers and destroyers than we are to the First Amendment right of free expression in this Nation.   We know this because the FBI did assist in the framing of the White House Travel Office personnel on orders from Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Some might even think that the FBI overplayed its hand at Mount Carmel, once again on orders from Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno, or at least to curry favour with the two women and their cause of elemination of private firearms ownership.    We also know that almost any of this could be true because the Obsolete Press almost never told us the full story about any of their faourite personalities.
(Sir Edmund)Hillary is trying
a new look for her run for President
in 2016.   She thinks it is more in
keeping with the image she has
developed while serving as
 Secretary of State.
     Believe it or not, the present provisional President of Libya is not an idiot.   He knows a thing or two about Libya.   He certainly could be expected to know at least as much as (Sir Edmund)Hillary, or Huma Mamood Abedin, or Susan Rice.    He might not be able to corkscrew into a combat zone like (Sir Edmund) Hillary,with a flak jacket on.
       That settled, we can assume that if he says, along with various other Muslim sources, that the Gringos were advised SPECIFICALLY about these co-ordinated attack throughout the Muslim and/or Arabic World...over a period of the weeks leading up to the 11th of September 2012....the 11th anniversary (...with the moon to be in scimitar display with the Star of the East accompanying...) then it is true.
    We might ask...should we trust the these Arab/Muslim officials who have everything to lose by ratting out the deathly sects and gangs, or should we trust the  the brilliant CIA and FBI and the very vigilant President and his NSA and the (Sir Edmund Linda Carter) Hillary of the State Department.....along with her like-a-second-daughter aide...did not know, whose records of performance are somethng akin to Fast and Furious.
    So, if we have to believe it or not:    El Gringo Viejo would  believe a well spoken Muslim, President, speaking sadly, almost confessing to the errors of elements of his own people, seriously, with sincerity, at incredible risk to himself and to his family, and to his friends, and to members of his political alliances, being precise as to his conclusions, and employing only fact, deliberation, reason, and evidence on film with date and timer to substantiate his thoughts and conclusions    Such is a thing of reason.   We cannot believe our Secretary of State not her subordinates.
      We cannot believe our own President, nor his appointees, because this administration has been very successful in throwing the Pakistani doctor under the bus...the Yemeni counterspy under the bus....the Seals under the bus...the secrets about our ability to land people on a kidnapped freighter afloat in a distant sea, via parachute, under the bus...along with scores of other indiscretions in order to inflate an empty suit that stands by an empty chair.    It is only fair that we should believe the people who are telling the truth and disbelief the ones who are still trying to tell us that a trailer to a film caused the concerted, 21 nation chaos and death....on the 11th day of September, 2012.     If we do not believe the President.... I presume we are racists, again.    Agreed?

       We have a choice....Believe your president who is a compulsive, chronic, pathological liar.  We can believe the Secretary of State, and/or her husband, also compulsive, chronic, pathological liars.   We can believe the entire Cabal of Reid, Pelosi, Susan Rice, Huma, Corzine, (list goes on into infinity) cartel of National Socialists and the Obsolete Press, or we can believe our own eyes and ears. 

      This administration has been especially brutal, on the one hand, in allowing information to leak out that jeopardises the health and well-being of reasonable Arab/Muslim persons and their families, and on the other hand blaming the rest of the Cosmos for any reversals to the image of his Cult.   It has, as in the case of the Carter Administration, sacrificed leaders who are  not perfect for replacements who are worse.
      The Shah of Iran was not a Saint.   But he was not a devil.   A professor of applied jackassism lectured once on the To-day Show that the Shah had 3,000 political prisoners in his dungeons.   He had to go!   He left and went to die in Cuernavaca...and everything in Persia became perfect.   Now there are only 200,000 political prisoners, and homosexuals are hanged.    Anwar Sadat was not a Saint, but he brought the Egyptian military up to the point to where it could at least stand up to the Israelis a little more reasonably, and then signed an that peculiar and particular relationship the Egyptians and the Jews have had back to well before the time of Moses....(beginning with Abraham actually)....and then kept his and Egypt's word concerning the agreement.   Mubarak did the same.    Does anyone think that the Egyptian people will be better off berid of the strongman and turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood?
      Bush and the incredible American and allied military ridded Iraq of a real monster, and established a clumsy order towards the establishment of a common law nation.   Obama has solved that problem by withdrawing suddenly, and leaving much of our second tier hardware there on the ground.   No cat...lots of mice.
    Then, it's Afghanistan's turn;   the President decides to establish a date-certain exit point.   Bad Muslims start counting days, good Muslims say....Muhammad is going to kill me and my family when the Gringos leave.....We'd better get out Dodge or change sides now.    El Gringo Viejo is not very, very, very intelligent but he does think that the good Muslim has been left in the lurch and the bad Muslim....the one who shoots prositutes in the head with an AK47 in the middle of the soccer field for half-time entertainment....has been left in charge.
    So, one can assume that Obama will do whatever he thinks will make him look good for a few moments.    Obama will count on the Obsolete Press and the stupidity and ignorance of a broad mass of dullards who can still vote or respond to opinion polls in any remotely coherent manner (and who want free Obamastash goodies) as he continues to crunch the bones of the people he steps on in order to advance to his position in front of the teleprompter.

With gratitude for having a State Department and White House who have answers to all questions, we remain even more grateful for your continued interest.

El Gringo Viejo