Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mealy Mouth Clinton usual.

“There’s the thinking that the president is somebody who is all-powerful and can get everything done,” Obama responded. “In our branch, in our system of government, I am the head of the executive branch. I’m not the head of the legislature, I’m not the head of the judiciary. We have to have cooperation from all these sources in order to get something done. So I am happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didn’t get it done, but I did not make a promise that we would get everything done, 100 percent when I was elected as president." (sounds so much like Clinton it gives me shudders)

     No, Barry, there is the thinking by stupid, un-schooled people that leads them to believe that their lives depend upon the President.   Who the President is, how he feels about "me", what he does for "me", when he will do something for "me", and above all else, if he will cut the rich people down to size.
     The people with whom you were talking at the Univision appearance, including the lefty but respected Jorge Ramos,  already know about the Constitutional assignments given to the Excutive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the United States of America.   The pedant, dull un-necessary explanation you gave was disgusting.   It was a normal, arrogant performance of a person who assumes that he is the brightest bulb in the chandalier, when in fact his filament is already burned out.
     It is the final sentence in this paragraph uttered by the naked Emperor that gives Chris Matthews a warm and fuzzy tingle;   "....but I did not make a promise that we would get everything done, 100% when I was electred as president".   You see, you can't catch me.   I can't be caught by your stupid little question.  I'm a really smart lawyer.  So I'm gonna ask you, "Have you stopped beating your wife? Huh?   Huh?"  Gotcha!
     The president chose not to bring the issue of amnesty, path to citizenship, normalisation of temporary work permits, and several other immigration issues to the forefront when he had a majority in both house of Congress because, in typical marxist fashion, it is best to keep issues that can be demogogued easily to one ethnic, age, income, or other category, until some time around election time.   The merest thought of bringing the issue up in 2010 would have extended the disasters for the Democrats in that election, so it was delayed until the next election.
      Another problem is that 60 percent of the Latinos don't give a whit about immigration issues.   About 15 percent have some kind of skin in the game.   Part of the impatience that the hosts had with Obama on this occasion was that he was talking down to them as though they were all like the dolts he has as dumboe-manakin props behind him in the press clips.  (One wonders how much training must be invested to make sure that the dolts in those scenes don't drool on their 'forward' signs that they are holding upside down)
     Another part of the impatience of the Univision people is the matter of the casualties involved in the ridiculous shovelling of firearms into the hands of the cartels by the Obama/Holder Department of Justice, about 400 were civilian men, women, and children, honest and semi honest cops, and, of course, heroic Mexican military personnel of the Army and Naval Infantry.   Killed....Dead.  No one in the administration has expressed a whit of interest in the is fact, much less bemoaned it.   If  the 'apology marathon' were to employed anywhere, it seems as thought this would have been a fairly easy apology to make to someone.
    The fact is that when people are killed during a commission of a violation of the law, those deaths are classified as homicides, and referred for prosecution as felony murder or manslaughter, depending upon the aggravating circumstances.    High Crimes and Misdemeanours?  Impeachment, conviction, and imprisonment for Obama and Holder?   Were they to be Republicans, or worse, Conservatives, they would already be in prison.
     Jorge Ramos was so crass that he asked Obama if he is going to fire Holder for his mishandling of the "Fast and Furious Debacle".    Obama stuttered and filibustered another answer, while the atmostphere in the hall continued to cool to the freezing point before the interview was over.   And yes, don't worry, there will be none of it on the Obsolete Media to-morrow.   Fox is barely coverning the story, but believe me that this interview will have a 10 point hit in the days to come among Latinos.

 Finally, more than anything, it was good to see someone in the media not start and end the honour of having a chance to interview this terrible narcissistic dullard with questions like,"Don't you just hate when you make a shot and there's no way to tell whether or not it made it in, or just looked that way by the way it whisked the net?"  or  "Do you ever get tired of people with an ax to grind saying unjustifiable mean things about you?"   If I were to interview him, I would have asked him if he wanted to do the interview in English or Dhuhluo or pre-Dutch Indonesian.
     What is interesting about these two points....and then the total failure of anticipation, preparation, and the employment of just plain good sense in the matter of the multiple Embassy that Obama appeared off-balance, arrogant, almost offended by the questions.  It was left to a lefty, Spanish language network to actually pull of a complete show of hostile questioning...with a healthy mix of Latino-type questions, and general American question.   Harsh questioning.  It was a great moment for Univision....and the normally pinky Jorge Ramos and his female counterpart.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo