Thursday, 30 August 2012

El Gringo Viejo's Favourite Clint Eastwood Movie

     Since everyone is asking, El Gringo Viejo's favourite Clint Eastwood work, besides Rowdy Yates during the Rawhide days, is "Bronco Billy"....It is a farce, a comedy, an allegorical treatise, and a big slice of Americana.   As comedies go, it is a serious peice of work, not a lot of pie in the face.   We recommend it as a justifiable waste of time.  Cliq below for YouTube trailer.    Mr. Faver sent me this picture from Faver Ranch in Presidio County, Texas.   In fact, Presidio  County is almost all Faver Ranch.   He and Rowdy worked together one time, but Rowdy went to California after the last big drive up the Chisholm Trail.
Thanks for your time and interest, as usual!
El Gringo Viejo