Friday, 24 August 2012

Geraldo, Juan....You are nice fellows, but your glasses only have a lens for the left eye.

The link has Judy Collins singing the classic "Send in the Clowns"
The OROG will have the feeling she is singing en voce of
Obama and the Obama supporter at the same time.
Spooky....moving....A Requiem for a tyrant.

      All OROGs can take a little more faith in the future.   El Gringo Viejo wandered down to a movie house for the first time in a quarter century, over in McAllen.   It was apparent that the place was not ready for people, and that should be reasonable because the ticket booth does not open until 10:45.    The gaggle of people gave it all away, but we stopped and ambled over to hobnob and make and take in  a bit of conversation.
     The group was 11 human people, ranging in age from 40 to 75.   Eight were boys and three were girls.    Six were Angloid and five were Espanoid.   One fellow was actually a Mexican citizen....a wealthy person, the kind who buys a house instead of staying in hotel during his business trips to McAllen.   He was interested, like us, to gain further information about the poseur who presently "occupies" the White House.
      He was fairly blunt, when he observed that, where ever a person goes in the world the people debate if it is the Germans, or the Japanese, or the Americans who are the most intellectually, spiritually, and morally advanced.    He was amazed when the Americans voted for a person whose slogan was "Esperanza y Cambio" and who was never asked what kind of "esperanza" and what kind of "cambio" was being discussed.    You a definition of terms.   And that the Americans would vote for an undefined "esperanza y cambio" as opposed to an old, honourable warrior, hero, somewhat conservative, "reasonable" person with a long, long record of mediocre to inspired service to his country.  (His words, in both English and Spanish).
      El Gringo Viejo pointed out that the Germans thought that an Austrian corporal, house painter seemed like a good choice at one time.   To which this Mexican businessman answered, "Yes, but Obama is worse than Hitler was.   Obama is an American who hates America, and Hitler was deluded into thinking that Germany was greatest and guided by the Cosmos to rule the Earth.   Obama wants to destroy "....lo bueno que es Gringo...lo bueno que norteamerica se resprenta para toda la humanidad."       (....the good that is American...the good that the United States of America represents in and of itself  for all humanity.)
     In any regard, the group was all unified in the bitter, disgusted, distaste for that impudent pretender who wields the sceptre in the White House (when Michelle and Valerie Jerrod so allow).
      We all detained each other railing and howling like a pack of coyotes about the National Socialist usurper....celebrating the fact that when Michelle sends the waggons for us, we know that we will at least have pleasant companions for our trip to the re-education camps.
    The girl in the ticket booth was very cheerful and dispensed to-morrow's pair of tickets for El Gringo Viejo and his boss.    I asked,"Is there much interest in the show?    There are not a lot of people for the early afternoon showing."
     "They all came yesterday to buy their tickets.   There are no tickets left until the 10:00pm showing."
     "You've sold out four screenings?''
     "Yes.   And two sold out for tomorrow afternoon.   Your noon showing is about half sold out now."
     ''People like us, " I referred to the batch that had returned for the openning of the ticket booth...mostly the original eleven and a few others.
     "Some younger...about the same...nice people...they say 'thank you'.   You all are different."
     "Yeah, nicer.  Quiet and not demanding.  Nice people".
     "Well, what do I say?   Thanks for being here on time and taking us seriously and treating us like we're important!"  I finished the engagement and drove the 9 miles back to the cave, thinking, "Maybe there is hope".

There will be more later.   Thanks for being with us.   Please re-read my abusive previous post, and consider the hoops the Obsolete Press jumped through to protect Billy Jeff Blythe, simply and solely because he favours all abortion all the time for any reason....and because, while they called him a  "moderate"....he is also a dedicated marxist.   He is that kind of marxist who, like Frida, Diego, and Hillary, wants socialist life solutions for everyone but they themselves.   That post was published just before the dumboe in Missouri made a dumboe of himself.    Measure the reaction by the Obsolete Press to the dumboe, while the adulation for a brutal misogynist can exceed no bounds.

El Gringo Viejo