Sunday, 26 August 2012

We Went, We Stayed, We Came Back

We did make it to the noon screening of "2016".   There were 200 people at the movie house.   We were treated to 4,210 previews of movies that cost a million times more to make and had no redeeming artistic or social value.
     Then, we had about 87 minutes of fairly dry, academic, "just the facts, ma'am," treatise about a person who is well qualified to be a candidate  for the title of "Greatest Imposter of All Times".    We were already aware of about 60% of the material covered in the film.   But D'Souza provided a considerable amount of mortar to put the many poorly made blocks of O'Bama's life into focus.    There is nothing in the picture that is conjectural about the chronology, geography, or familial aspects of O'bama's life.  The one piece of conjecture is that O'bama is doing what he does to destroy America so as to gain the approval of his father's ghost.    While it may be conjecture, it is a reasonable divining of the roots of the madness that has hold of this degenerate personality who now holds the title of President of the United States.
     Although Obama's father, Obama Senior, was a reprobate, communist, alcoholic, drug addict, anti-colonialist racist, mysogenist, philandering, wife-beater, Obama Junior knew that his father  was better than his mother's second husband.
     The second husband was a sell-out.   Imagine an Indonesian who actually wanted to provide for his family by working with the foreign oil drillers and producers!   Imagine dedicating  your life to something beyond hating white people, America, gainful activity, cleanliness, good order, fairness, and industriousness.
      It is almost like one could imagine that Obama dreamed his father's dreams....and that Obama would, at a young age, began to dream that he would grow up, become President of the United States, and send the bust of Churchill back to the abominable Queen.   Then he would proceed to cut America down to size, by taking advantage of the very thing that he knew America did not have....a tolerance for people of "different races and backgrounds", and a willingness to think well of a person, in spite of his "different race and background".   So, instead of Richard the Lion Hearted or Charles the Great....we have Barry the Conundrum.
     Barry had to destroy America and make it more like Kenya because America is a racist country, controlled by white billionaires who do not permit people of colour to ascend or advance.   Although America's productive Negro element produces more wealth than all the nations of Black Africa combined( app. 300,000,000 people), all of America must be brought down to the level of what is normal in the rest of the world.   And since America is a place where no person of colour is allowed to advance, Barry will use the peculiar American characteristic of tolerance, friendship, communitarianism, and fraternity to rise to the top of the heap so that he can destroy the country for not having allowed people of colour to rise to the top of the heap.
     It all makes sense if one is a communist-leaning, America-hating, narcissist.   It helps to have a shallow, bumper-sticker intellectual depth.   And, it helps to have people composing the electorate who are dependent upon the government, who wish to become dependent or more dependent upon the government, and/or who are mentally retarded or defective.
   Voila!   The self-made man.
It is absolutely necessary to ensure that this horrid person not lead the government beyond the end of his first term.   It will also be necessary to ensure the absence of a Democrat majority in the United States Senate.    Perhaps the Fat Cats and Industrialists would care to study what happened to the Germans when the German Fat Cats and Ruhr Valley Industrialists thought that they could control the Austrian corporal.    We must purge this infection.  We have but one chance.
There were about 200 people at this screening.  The day before 5 screenings had been sold out.   That is for a seating area of 320 theatre seats.   Our understanding is that the remaining four showings for the rest of the day were all sold out.
El Gringo Viejo....