Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Heading South - Alvaro Has Parties to Attend


The time has come for our return to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.  There are five or six small projects, and the possibility of folks arriving.  All eyes are on the Bay of Campeche and the eastern Gulf of Mexico for the next two or three days.   Tropical Storm "Barry" is meandering 100 miles east of Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz as we write, and these systems have a way of putting down lots of water....slow movers....hitting the Sierra Madre....always interesting.   Also, sometimes an event measured by the yardstick.

El Gringo Viejo celebrating the
late bloom of the Flamboyan on
the "Land down below" as it was
just "coming out" last week.
     We have been informed that our flamboyanes have really begun to put on a show for all around, and that they are setting new "buttons" that presage more flowering.    So, this will be the first year since 2009 that we have had the florid presence.   It makes things a little more worthwhile.

     We shall be walking around a bit, this time, to take personalised pictures of the Ejido and its appointments, quirks, and pleasant corners.   Admittedly, one must employ a bit of patience and penetrating gaze to find things that are of interest, because the people are very skillful at covering up any outward sign of prosperity or wealth.   Lamentably, they used to do it with disorder and a kind of messiness that could be depressing.  In recent months, for some reason or another,  things seem to have been up-grading, and it may have to do with the new-found sense of having taken control from the cockroaches.   The days keep going by, and the tempo and intensity of our affliction diminishes more.    Pray that it should be a memory soon.

    We are going to make a serious effort to be un-lazy.  This will be revealed to the OROG if there are two or three or four submissions to our blog....concerning events and activities down at our place.

     For whomsoever might be disposed, we urge at least an email to Marco Rubio and your Senators about the uselessness of this "Path to Legalisation" business.    We notice that Harry Reid  is attempting to speed up the processes suddenly.   This is usually a sign that his fellow  Senators are getting an earful about the proposed legislation.  Please, for those who are "on the fence" or trying to be "fair" or who think that we shall gain one more vote from any ethnic or racial grouping due to our patronising beneficence to any group of people, who in the main, could not care less about a "pathway to legalisation", know that such will not happen.   This is strictly a Democrat Socialist Trojan Horse.   They see more people mired in hopeless dependence upon the "safety net", ergo Democrat voters....while our Latin voters will feel sold out, and lumped into a group of which they are not members.

     We shall hit the road to-morrow early, and be at our little place sometime around mid-day.  Then Alvaro can make his run to Xicotencatl 70 miles to the South, and attend the party they are throwing for him.  I think he won second prise in a dog-bathing contest or something.

More later,
El Gringo Viejo