Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Kinder and Gentler Suggestion

    Your humble servant will appeal again to the Cosmos.   Various blogs in the universe of intellectual, pseudo-intellectual, anti-intellectual, and professional sectors of human activity recommend the reading of our delicate mixture of wild Mexican honey and rotted battery acid.
     This blog is dedicated to strong statements, it is an extension of a old man who takes advantage of being in the position of not having to apologise for attitudes and understandings that he knows to be correct.   And that old man indulges himself in hyperbole and irascibility.  Grumpiness and humour.  And kindness and understanding.
     We ask...nay, demand....that should one come to this blog from another newspaper, magazine, blog, or personal reference, do not return to the referring party and complain.   We permit comments, although almost all OROGs (official readers of the Old Gringo) send e-mails...which are more convenient to this writer.   Complain to me.   Complain to your heart's content.
    The people who referred to this site are not the people writing the observations.  Almost all who make referrals here are very, very advanced and accomplished in one or several fields.   That is their business.  Do not bother them for the burrs I have placed under your saddle.

Not exactly a grass shack. Each adobe block
 weighs 42 pounds, and there are 10,000
such blocks.  The trees in the background
mark the Rio Corona, a permanently
running spring-fed mountains stream.
       My business is that of being a business has been business.  I have had great successes and various calamities.   I am an excellent operator, in these latter days, of a really nice place of comfort and hospitality, in an enchanting area.   I am the guy people hate because he actually did build a grass shack on the beach and eat shrimp and oyster cocktails with Bohemia beer for breakfast....Except that the grass shack is made of adobe and teja, and the beach is an enchanting Tropic of Cancer segment of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains....and my diet includes the above and a thousand other magnificent things.    My guests tear-up and/or weep lightly when they leave.   They hug my dogs.  They scratch the ears of my cats....just one more time.
     We guarantee boredom, birds, and beer....if the guest wants a beer....really good smoothies, lime/lemonade, and such if he/she does not.  I also make great meals, and provide reasonable information to my guests.   That information is based upon a lifetime of studies, experience, and observation.


     So, please....if my image of Miss Flukie is a is because she is a worthless parasite.   She expects that my daughter and granddaughters should  pay for her contraceptives.  Therefore she is a parasitic fluke.  And a narcissist....and a conceited snip.   If  the reader has a different opinion...then   once again, do not write someone who might have recommended this site about any complaint;  write to  me.

     Perhaps, if a person is disposed to complain about this site, he could set up his own blog page, and warn people about this blog site.   One could put together his own page to  laud and magnify the OWS people and the snips and flukes and slugs....but few if any people will read such submissions.   They are humourless, dull, and almost always non-factual to the extreme.
    So, now our offended reader can go back to the OWS tent and stoke up with that girl with the public health card hanging out of her purse, and the six new piercings (they are all infected) and the two of them can solve the problems of the world again.   Maybe we should tax people who have things they don't need and/or shouldn't have.
El Gringo Viejo