Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Waterloo: An afternoon that saved Europe from a return to the Dark Ages

Our esteem for The Anglican Curmudgeon requires us to, at times, vigorously urge readers of this humble publisher of thoughts  and opinion. El Gringo Viejo, to invest time in that always worthwhile  blogspace in the cyberworld, called, oddly enough "The Anglican Curmudgeon".
    This time, an essay by Victor Hugo, analysing the lead-up and the final day's execution of two perfect battle plans, both well executed within the limits of the possible....irresistible force meeting unyielding resistance....valour and brilliance expended like water in an ocean.   Please...we beseech....read and re-read this treatise about the Encounter at Waterloo.

    There is a permanent linkage down to the lower right, as most already know.   It is listed, also by  odd coincidence under the heading....A.S.Haley, The Anglican Curmudgeon .                                                 

     Twenty minutes to completely understand minute by minute, regiment by company, both sides....all the alliances, and the outcome of one of history's most important military encounters.
El Gringo Viejo