Monday, 17 June 2013

We are not listening....And you lawmakers are not listening to us....I'll try one more time.

That's it!   Rush, Hannity, Marco....Ya! Basta!   Any Democrat slithering up with made in China crocodile tears for the poor "in the shadows" folks...Ya!  Just shut up!   We know what YOU want more than anything.
     To explain to the recently arrived visitor from the moon Europa of Saturn, Democrats have an image of Mexicans and Latin Americans as lazy, hyper-reproductive slobs who are dedicated to sloth, crime, and production of children with multiple learning disabilities and physical defects.   They see this group as ideally suited to the life of a zombo slug, plugged into all the programs to which we nicely refer as The Safety Net.
     The Safety Net includes but is not limited to AFDC, Medicaid, Section 8 rent payment, Food Stamps, electricity subsidy, school free breakfast-lunch-snack, disability payments, free attorney service, Supplemental Security Income, and on and on.    The participants in these programs are reminded frequently by the slugs known as Democrat elected officials, that the receiving slugs and dregs are entitled to their "benefits" and that they are "free".
    The Democrats, and some Republicans, as we have pointed out repeatedly love to use and use and use and use the word "Hispanic" that they can demonstrate that somehow it proves that they are (1) not bigoted and (2) astute and "with it".   The professional poverty pimps known as the Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund...and their ilk....give each other high-fives and hoot and howl for joy every time some pontificating, blowhard elected official uses the word ''Hispanic".   Why?...because it means that the Marxist slugs in the poverty pimp - destroy America - blame America first crowd....have cowed the slugs in office and the commentators into using a term that implies that all the Latino group is one homogeneous group.

     They (the poverty pimps ) think, "You see our group is bigger than the black group, and like the black group, our group votes in lock step how we tell them to vote.   So you had better fear us."

BALDERGASH!!!!!   MARCO RUBIO, RUSH, SEN. GRAHAM, EVERYBODY!!   Please sit down and be quiet.    Not all Latinos are the same.   Surveys showing how "they" vote are horribly incorrect, because they poll in the 95% census tracts and voting districts.   In Texas, a slim majority of people with some kind of Mexican / Spanish ancestry are well dispersed outside of 95% districts.   The attitudinal hegemony is further broken down by intermarriage.
     WE WILL NOT GAIN MORE VOTES BY APPROVING A NEW ''IMMIGRATION REFORM'' .   A large body of our voters will be offended that somehow a group of people who deserve nothing will be given privilege over those who have been playing by the rules.   THEY RESENT BEING LUMPED IN TO ANY OTHER CATEGORY BEYOND "TEXIAN"  AND/OR "AMERICAN".   AND THEY ARE VERY PROUD OF THEIR  ANCESTRY...CAN SPEAK GOOD SPANISH, AND ALL OF THAT....BUT THEY JUST RESENT THE HELL OUT OF BEING LUMPED INTO A GROUP OF SLUGS WHO DID NOT AND DO NOT PLAY BY THE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE ONLY IMMIGRATION REFORM THAT IS NEEDED IS TO ABOLISH PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND THEREBY ELIMINATE THE SLUGS AND DREGS WHO ARE ATTRACTED BY FREE MONEY.   ELIMINATE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE....ELIMINATE THE AUTOMATIC AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP OF A BABY BEING BORN ON TEXAS SOIL BY A SLUG SOW WHO CAME OVER TO WHELP IN A MIDWIFERY RUN BY THE MARYKNOLL NUNS (or similar).   The intent of the birthing slug is to be declared the baby's only source of support...thereby qualifying as a person who must be allowed to stay, because the baby is an American, ergo Texian.....and his/her mommy is the only one who can care for him/her.
     She is taken down by a "helpful" slug assistant, and registered, once again we repeat...for food stamps, WIC, visiting nurse postpartum follow-up, free housing, electricity subsidy, Medicaid, Head Start Early Enrolment, and so forth.   Jackpot!   She has an income stream of 32,000 USD, and all she has to do is make sure nobody steals her television all day.    Can't miss Medianoche de las Narcos Nimfomaniacas, or whatever.

     Please get off of this idea that we'll make them pay a fine, learn to speak  English, have steady employment, move to the back of the line....SHEERRRRREEEEEEEKKKK!!!!   Why would anyone want to "come out of the shadows"  in order to "pay a fine"?   Why?   So that he could pay for his green card permits?   And go back to Mexico City to receive an American Visa that would allow him to go to the back of the line when he already has a babymother or three or four who pay him blackmail and service fees to drive them to the medicare appointments, and to the food stamp redemption centre, and to the 7 - 11 to buy the lucky lotto tickets....and so forth.   Why would he jump at the chance to legalise with so much freight attached to it?
     You people either have no idea what the true nature of the problem is, or you are complicit in the active measures destruction of the Republic.

YA BASTA!!!!!    NO MAS....NO MAS!!!!
El Gringo Viejo