Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dark Clouds

Al Capone-around 1935.jpg
Alphonse Capone
1899  - 1947
    A Community Organiser from Cook County, Illinois.   It is a place that ranks among the five most corrupt places in the nation.   Ethnic and racial politics have been its staple since before The Fire.  Organised crime has long been established within its industrial and agricultural processing complex, labour groupings, and in the entertainment - saloon - restaurant industries.   Almost every aspect of Cook County and the adjacent areas two counties deep around Cook County still carry the stench of Capone....another, earlier, community organiser.

    But...just think...putting on a resume, "community organiser" brings to mind the tone of the administration.   "What difference, at this point, does any of this make?"   It causes one to reflect upon how many people can approach a Congressional desk of inquiry and respond, "I don't know"...."I will refuse to answer any questions...even those that are not invoking my rights assured unto me by the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America before any questions are asked".   The woman pulling off that stunt is an attorney, and she had a battery of attorneys behind her (why?), and yet she violated the purpose of the 5th Amendment against compulsion, by rendering a statement at the end of her defiant declaration.   That statement caused her to expose herself to cross-examination....and that cross examination could not be deflected by  the exemption from compulsion granted by the 5th Amendment.  (For an attorney.....really, really stupid)

      Another good answer has been, "I'll get back to you with the answer to that question."   Republicans doing such a thing would run the risk of being immediately trundled off to prison.   The press would pour down withering fire upon the wounded survivors of the first volleys. 

     Frankly....Chicago is such a cesspool with its apparent mix of the worst of each of America's major ethnic and racial groups, that keeps producing and reproducing scum, bottom-feeders, murderers, shake-down and protection thugs, pimps, politicians, parasites,  robbers, extortionists, union bosses, and charlatans in every, religion, whatever.
    And yes, we know that all areas have such things, from the Inuit Reserves in Alaska to the Seminole Reservation in Florida... such things exist in Texas....Tennessee....Indiana.  We realise that the human condition is one of frailty.

     However, Chicagoland  does it best.   It teeters between existence and the judgement of Gomorrah.   Who will bargain with the Angels for the lives of 50 or 20 or 10?  And even with the obvious problems and hypocrisies, we a left to be lectured by the same vermin who set up, run, and profit from the iniquity of....the Chicago morass.

    The choir of the 5th column, composed of the 4th Estate....move without deviation in their task of establishing deviancy as a norm.   And they report on their television news....their newspaper pages.....nothing that is negative about their chosen leader and his minions.  Closer, ever closer to the edge of the cliffs the culture stumbles...blinded by flashes of bright darkness....guided more and more by the degenerate and the perverse.  The approving masses are known as low-information and low-intelligence;   they seem to be proud of their identity.

     And so here we are:

An American President who is campaigning for re-election by exhorting the crowds..."!   vote!   That's how you get your revenge!!!   That's right,  your revenge!"   One step below Robespierre....just a smidgen removed from the order to attack the Jews' and their little shops.  "....Get your revenge!!"
     And, might one inquire concerning revenge from or for what?

    Campaign advisors state patently false information about the President's opponent, they are caught in the lie....not misstatement...but a lie, and nothing happens.  "Romney drove the business into the  ground, he took his money and left, and my wife lost her insurance, and so she died".   Not a bit of truth...but all is fair, as it is said.
    Harry Ried. speaking from the floor of the Senate so as to avoid any chance of a defamation lawsuit for his chronic, pathological, psychopathic lying binges, declared that a "friend" told him that Romney had not paid any income taxes for 10 years.    The "news" is reported roundly by the Obsolete Press...not an ounce of it must be the sirens of Hermann Cain....and then the Cheshire Cat fades away from the mind of the low-information, low intelligence voter.   We move on to new and better lies.

     And a Secretary of State who says, "What difference, at this point, can it possibly make?" which one might respond, "Madame (Sir Edmund)Secretary, we are trying to figure out if we are referring you to the prosecutor for murder in the 2nd degree or felony manslaughter...that is the difference that it makes."   And we behold the spectacle of an FBI Director who has done nothing about the IRS abuse of citizens contact with the victim knowledge of who is leading the investigation if real knowledge of any kind about much of anything....including Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Al Rosen case, the AP case, the NSA's filed under, "I'll try to get back to you." 

    Now comes Barak Hussein Obama, whose aunt and uncle are living free of charge, both being illegal aliens in residence in Massachusetts, each for many years, each having had orders of deportation, but being defended by very expensive law firms against the deportation.
    Said Obama is going to Ireland to-morrow.  He is going to ask the Russian leadership what  their limits and parameters are concerning the Persian and Syrian situation.  Once he has his orders, he will embark on a rather lengthy trip to Africa.
     It being the case now that he has denigrated the value of America to the point of her being another corrupt banana republic.  He can celebrate that he is visiting, thankfully, as just another corrupt leader....talking to other corrupt leaders....who spend massive amounts of money on personal pleasures....and who, like Obama, let their countries generally rot and ooze into the open sewers. Like Chicago.  Dens of murder....abuse of whoever is weaker....or weakest. Dens of crime....of seemingly perpetually falling standards of morals, of living, of community conditions....there is much to celebrate now that the United States of America can demonstrate that it has joined the socialist slide into the audacity of septic degeneracy, crime, hooliganism, and total corruption.

More later.   Have a nice 100,000,000 USD trip with your 14 limousines, and 2,800 closest friends and gun-toting, private security agents, Barry.  Or should I call you, "The Chicago Kid"?
El Gringo Viejo