Friday, 14 June 2013

FEMA: That's what we mean


Ignominious:   That procedure or action that brings about great shame and humiliation.   The characteristic of grovelling or committing treason for ones life or for food, and submitting oneself to any abuse and/or degradation to gain even a few crumbs.

      The recent actions by the mayor of West, Texas and the present Governor of Texas speak to that matter we have addressed in the past.   Not long ago, there was no FEMA.  There was no pleasant, addled,  old, plump lady dressed in a hoody-dress who would come with a magic wand, and turn mice into prancers, pumpkins into carriages, and work rags into the most elegant and beautiful ball-gown of all times....with a flick of her wand.   And, the best part is,  it was all free:    Just have it all back in the drive-way before mid-night.

    Can it not be more obvious?   The intrusion and hypnosis is insidious.   We immediately move to the "free money"  because (1) there is a problem which embodies a tragedy, and (2) the politicians want to reward and punish with the politicians' money....and take the credit for "giving us" a way out of our grief...lack of hot water...shock from displacement....needs, and make those who vote incorrectly really, really grovel ignominiously for their few crumbs after being denied once or twice.   After all, if a lowly local hick doesn't know his place....he needs to learn it....NOW!

     Can we not remember when we took care of these things ourselves?   Would it not be possible, Governor Perry, to address the people of Texas, saying "It looks like these folks here in West, Texas are going to need about 60,000,000 Yankee dollars to fix this place back up.   We have agreed to a format that would include an additional 20,000,000 dollars for a revolving business investment fund.   Therefore, as the Head of State, it is my duty and pleasure to ask every household to please contribute to this effort.   You have all contributed through the sales tax exactly one-half of that fund, authorised by Bill 22033, enacted two days ago and signed by my hand, yesterday.   I would request another one time contribution of one dollar from each man, woman, and child to be sent to account number - !!!!!111999999 = Rebuild WEST!  Of course, send more if you can or wish.
      "The fund will be administered by the pastors of the six churches, the mayor, a monitor from the Comptroller's office, the County Sheriff, and six persons who will be drafted by lottery from the citizenry of West who were citizens at the time of the disaster.   That will be the governance for these funds.   I suggest you all send in your checks to-morrow, because the recovery begins on Monday, at 08:00 hours.  Combat Engineers from the Texas National Guard will be deployed here to await orders from the Recovery Committee at that time, with their Dozers and rolling gear....and will remain for 90 days.  Thank you for your time.  And may God Bless the Republic of Texas".

     It points up the fact that we desperately need to re-establish the Republic of Texas and provide for our own, and in our own way.   This hideous Queen for a Day Show routine, whereby we crawl before dolts who have power over us, and who can lift or lower their sceptres without  reproach is humiliating and degrading to the highest degree.

Two fights....Abolish the American Internal Revenue Service and the Income Tax....and move to an amicable withdrawal from the  United States of America by the Republic of Texas.
El Gringo Viejo

Texas! Our Texas! All Hail Our Mighty Nation!