Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Truisms

     Anyone who thinks that the government can do a better job with money than can a normally well-off individual with a higher wealth and/or income level than the majority of the population is a fool, a slug, a syphilitic paramecium, a jackass, or a marxist.  Anyone who demands that those who are better off than the norm be taxed in order to "pay their fair share" is delusional, an intellectually dysfunctional amoeba, and a brain-damaged seed wart, who is devoid of the most basic sense of moral reason.
     The insidiousness of the progressive notions that led to the income tax is now presenting itself.  It is based upon a strange notion that a person's income first belongs to the central government.   The possessions, including the money, of all true persons belong to their owners.
      There is no quicker way to establish a peon class than to make a slothful person comfortable in his sloth. To attend to that person in his necessities...his feeding, his medical needs, his accommodation, is a death sentence.   It kills the soul.   Without a soul, the homo sapien is a lower life form, but certainly not a descendent from the Orderer of the Cosmos.
      A mother gives a child his heart.   A father give a child his soul.
      All ills affecting the American condition at this time have either been worsened or caused by programs authorised and/or administered by the central government located in Washington, District of Columbia.
      How can FEMA help?   What can FEMA do?  How did Anyplace, USA ever get on with life after a disaster, in the days before FEMA?  FEMA is another agency designed to make the citizenry beg The Great White Father for a few crumbs of largess provided by people who were forced to pay for said largess at the point of a gun and/or by the certainty of prison.
      Were the Social Security Program to be operated by a public agency or by a private person or business within the confines of the Republic of Texas, the operator, or public entity, would be charged and without doubt convicted of felony fraud.
    If only we could legalise marijuana consumption and tax its purchase, then all of our budget problems would be over.
    If only we were to have a small Statewide sales tax, that alone would pay for all the State's operations, along with the royalties on oil production from State-held royalty rights; that solved all of our problems forever, back in 1961.
    It worked forever again,  when we legalised parimutual betting on horse racing and dog racing, thereby funding the operations again for all eternity, in 1987.
    It worked even better when we secured public funding for public education by Ann Richards's pledge to save the public schools with proceeds from a State Lottery.   Right? School funding solved, forever, in 1991.   
     If only we could legalise liquor by the drink, those taxes on that vice alone would pay for 30% of the State's budget.  That solved the problem forever....back in 1970.
     If only we had just a minute tax on tobacco, no one would even notice it,  the operation of the State's finances would be solved forever.  So we have a tobacco tax, and a tobacco tax law-suit settlement.   Both have produced billions and billions of dollars to feed 300 pound sixth graders.  We should be proud.
     Now...if only we could just edge the camel's nose just a little further into the "business gross margin tax" Tent,  to a more realistic level, and institute Casino Style Gambling along with that really would solve the funding problem for all those people in need out there in TV land.
     Each of these ideas are made to sound good to the dolts of us who compose the dolts who compose the non-political body politic.   Think of all the jobs it will provide!  Think of all the economic impact it will cause!
    The last truism is a combination of lies...purposeful lies.   In all cases, liquor by the drink, pari-mutual race betting, Texas lottery, and even the stupidity of a sales tax  (taking money out of an area so as to be commended when it is sent back)....the result is always dirty buildings with grey defeated people coming in to buy liquor by the drink, lottery tickets that never pay and even when they do, wind up destroying the winners 80% of the time, leaving them as the losers that they always were, and ever will be.   Hence, the term "idiot tax".
     If we want these things, let's just do private business.  Enforce the laws of fraud and theft.  But why tax them?   So as to hire accountants to count the money that is derived from the tax?   To pay for some previously unheard of "urgent need?"..."Head Start"?
     Folks, we have to re-establish the idea that the government is not here to create jobs, business, or to help people have a safety hammock.  In so doing, it simply provides the road to perdition, selfishness, class warfare, and the dull, grey reality of 1957 Eastern European drabness.    It was called  'social democracy', which translates into realspeak as  "everybody's poor".  Lots of dirty parks, buildings, and filthy rest-rooms.   Governments are for providing a public record, a judicial system that provides equal justice before the law to all who come forth, domestic peace and tranquility, and in thq cases of home-rule cities, an orderly provision of water, sewer, and garbage pickup.   Paved streets with curbs and gutters if the people want them as well.    The central government's job was to be to provide for a common defence and a postal service.
We've come a long way, baby!
El Gringo Viejo