Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fiscal Cliff?

As everyone here knows, and it is stated only to confirm to all that  many, many normal people are aware, the fiscal cliff was breached when the Great Society programs were enacted.   The building of the cliff was the biggest We Piddle Around program enacted by the "progressive" administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.   That does not refer to the sidewalks and park monuments, most of which are gone by this point.   It refers to the massive bureaucracy and invasion of privacy caused by the establishment of the Social Security System. This is the first and greatest Law and the Second is like unto it, the twins Medicare and Medicaid.
     El Gringo Viejo remembers Mrs. Brown's American History class during his junior year in high school.  It was 6th period, followed by our Debate Club session, an after school affair.  Mary McMoron said that Democrats were the party of the poor and the Republicans were the party of the rich and that was why she was a Democrat.  I responded that if Democrats were dedicated to the poor, I would rather be rich, and that is why I was a Republican.
     Out it flowed.   "If it hadn't been for Roosevelt, my whole family would have starved to death.   The Republicans took all the money and caused the crash because they wouldn't let any poor people have any money and Roosevelt made them give it all back."
     John Morris, a fellow Episcopalian, rolled his eyes and moaned, "Save me, Sweet Jesus!  Roosevelt instigated the biggest explosion of bureaucracy in the nation's history.  This nation will be strangled in red tape in 20 years, and half the country will be on welfare."
     "That's easy for you and David to say.  You are rich, rich, don't know anything about suffering!"  Mary McMoron declared triumphantly.   Picture to-day's Sandra Flukie and add 30 pounds and you have Mary McMoron.
   The oddity, of course, is that Mary McMoron's parents and grandparents were country club Democrats who spoke loudly and longly about how they hated "meskins" and the "coloured" and who also were well positioned in a Democrat-dominated  banking and land-scheme industry in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.   The hypocrisy, at a minimum, was whelming...perhaps even overwhelming.
Satan with severed head
Lyndon Johnson and Harry Reid preparing their free-moeny
spiels before being sent up to do their work among the
American gullible.
     We argued that day, without much supervision, about a new idea being bantied around by the "progressives", about how now seemed to be the time to help our senior citizens, the most vulnerable among us with just a little assistance in their declining years so that they wouldn't have to die forgotten, frozen to the sheets, in some skid-row hotel.....dead from the consumption or a flu that could have been cured but for a small investment in their continued good health.   Various names for the Program were things like ElderCare ( a liberal GOP misnomer), and Senior Care, and MediCare and such ridiculous, meaningless, socialist terms.
     El Gringo Viejo postulated that, like all programs established by the central government, it would, if enacted, become another of the great fountains of corruption since the establishment of something-for-nothing, free-goodies governance., and that the Democrats would use the program to demagogue against the Republicans until the cow froze over the moon and thawed again.
     Miss McMoron stared aghast!  Mouth agape!  "What kind of perverse animal would even dream about such a possibility?   Only a Republican could conceive of such a thing.   DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT ANYONE WOULD EVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A FEDERAL PROGRAM THAT IS DESIGNED TO HELP OLD PEOPLE?   HUH?   HUH?"
     Nine fellow debate class members were vigorously shaking their heads yes, as was Mrs. Brown.   The three Democrats (all pinkoes) were astounded.   Mrs. Brown said in her famous, cigarette-gravelled voice,"Mary, a federally funded social program is no good unless it is corrupt.  That is why they are put in place.   They shovel money from corrupt politicians to corrupt bureaucrats  who do no actual work, who shovel the money to businesses and services who come to depend on the bureaucrats who then put the money in the banks, and then the bankers give some money to the politicians.   That is the purpose of "helping people" with other peoples' money.   Now, let's get on along with to-day's exercise."

   Therefore, let us not ask for whom the bells toll.   They toll for all of us.  Since the beginning of free money, and "helping" and "safety nets" the bells began to toll, ominously ringing a one note, dull carillion "Weimar, Zimbabwe, Argentina", and a hundred other governments and countries who tried to "paper over" the reality that one plus one is two, and three minus one is two.  Spend more than is taken in spells economic death.   Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SSi, Social Security Disability, FHA-underwriting of mortgages, Section 8, AFDC, Food Stamps, Free Cellular Phone, everything is free, especially if the rich would only pay their fair share.  
Great lessons. Great Old Teacher, Dorothea Brown.   Will be in touch down the road.  Tomorrow, our little place on the Rio Corona.
El Gringo Viejo