Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Israel - Palestine Solution

    We are pleased that everyone was clamouring for El Gringo Viejo to recommend a workable solution to the seemingly intractile problems presented by the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.    We have a very simple set of actions that would solve the problems permanently.  However, single women and people of colour and Hispanics and the elderly and the students would not approve, so our platform is being re-written to tolerate those more mature and intelligent points of view.
      The rest of the world's notion is for the Hebes to learn how to swim or die or both.  This is Hillary's idea...often stated in her more private moments....and it is the solution presented even by atheist Jews, who for some reason just love to hate the god they know does not exist.  It is the solution recommended by Bill Ayers,  Barak Obama's Chicago Community Action mentor, et alii:


William Ayers
(Weatherman Underground bomber,
 unrepentant domestic terrorist)

Frank Davis
(Member Communist Party USA,
 Early mentor to Obama)

Jeremiah Wright
(Black Liberation militant,
 racist, and "pastor")

Tony Rezko
(Corrupt Financier,with
  ties to Terror Financing)

Louis Farrakhan
(Nation of Islam Leader,
 racist, anti-American)

Raila Ordinga
(Fundamental Islamic Candidate,
 Kenya, Obama's Cousin)

Communist Party Illinois
(US Communist Political Party)

Socialist Party USA
(Marxist Socialist Political Party)

The New Black Panther Party
(Black Militant Organization,
 anti-American and racist)
Terrorist Group Jamas
     These are some of  the people and organisations involved in Obama's formative devolopment.  The above mentioned people and organisations and the individual known as Barak Hussein Obama have long advocated for the elemination of the State of Israel and for the "Palestinian People"  to be restored  their "rightful lands".
     It is enough to point out that the various Palenstinian groups are content to shoot rockets that indiscriminately rain down on wherever.   To them it is preferred that the rockets hit schools, hospitals, and synagogues full of people.    To them it is preferred that the Israelis be forced to aim as weapons stores and missile batteries that are purposefully positioned adjacent to schools, hospitals, and residential areas so as to cause the maximum civilian casualties.   They have no respect for life...even of their own people.   Their dead children are hoped for by products to be used for their insidious propaganda machine, which then means that the Obsolete Media and the Jew-haters like Hillary and Barak are accessories to the murders of children, women, old geezers, and other non-combatants.   It is what Obama wants and it is what Hillary wants because it feeds their understanding of what evil people Jews are and what a better world it will be when they are all dead.
     Palestenians with their guts hanging off the understructure of some building in downtown Gaza City are just necessary collateral damage.   And besides, Hillary doesn't really give a flip about them either....would you want people like that at your gated and guarded community in ....well, we can't say where Bill and Hillary have their love nest, you know.


     The people living in the Palestinian areas wake up one morning with brains in their heads.   They look around, as if trying to shake off a stupour of many generations.   They begin whispering to each other, generally agreeing, " We've been schnookered by a bunch of shake-down thugs."
     They conspire during the day, and then, at sundown slay all of the Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda affiliates, Persian,  and similar operatives and officers.   Then they say among themselves,"We are all sons of Abraham, surely the Hebrews will see us as their brothers.   Let us go to them and ask their guidance.   They are an arrogant and cranky people, but they are also generous.   They will tell us how to become happy and rich, and our wealth and industry can reinforce theirs, and we will be too tired to hate the Hebes any more and the Israelis will be able to prosper more by not having to worry about the scum we killed yesterday afternoon.
     And they all lived happily ever after.

     There is only one other way a conflict that has one unreasonable, savage, unprincipled party engaged in mortal combat with a group of people who have a catechism that includes fairness and respect for human dignity and commonly applied law.    The second group has to finally destroy the former group.   There is an ancient Spanish epithet that was placed on the escudo of a noble family's coat of arms.   It stated, "Si no la Razon, la Fuerza".   It is easy enough to translate for anyone who looks at the words for a few seconds....."If not the Reason, then the Force". 

   (Sir Edmund)Hillary held up the announcement of the Peace Treaty for All Times for 24 hours, so as to give Hamas a little extra time to try a field goal.   She then was given the opportunity by the World Control Group Press Confederation to make the Official Announcement that signals   "The Bringing of a Permanent Peace to the Middle East, Finally".   Now she can be appointed president in 2016 to build on the great democratic  foundations she and Barak Hussein Obama Onyango Soetoro Dunham brought to us.   Mean, judgemental old judgemental meanies suggest that this permanent peace to last until the next episode of  Global Nuclear Winter and Summer Forever, which will be between 3 hours and 42 days.
Thanks for your attention, as always.
El Gringo Viejo