Monday, 26 November 2012

Back from a Whirlwind

     We returned from a quick trip up to the "extreme central" part of the Republic of Texas, and beyond.   Family matters and a combination mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas obligatory visitations.   The people who compose our very near to near biological and in-law class of family are all solid, civilised, productive people.  They are competent in the white collar, medical, blue collar, and social areas in such a manner that bespeaks of a solid catechism and approach to life.   Each has his/her little quirks and characteristics that set that particular relative apart from the other.   All share many similarities.
      For instance, Aunt Rosario and her daughter whom she did not name due to a promise made to an Indian spirit named Watabuncha always sacrifices two chickens and a cat just before daybreak on days that fall on odd numbers.  But she failed the rest of us by being a bit predictable and unwilling to branch out into more imaginative methods of self-expression and self-realisation.   Cousin Jake did not make all the reunion activities this year because he finally succumbed to the ardours to trying to set the Guiness World Record for Body Piercings.   He had something like 54,000, but was disconcerted when he found out he was trying to break the National Record for India.   He thought India was the name of a girl.
      So, we also went up and back to Dallas, Texas to visit our son.  We went up and back on the train, which was an experience, almost entirely pleasant.   The ride back was a little better than the ride up, although the entire event was rewarding with scenes of Texana filling the windows, and meeting up in a couple of cases with long lost friends who had never been met. One fellow in particular, a "old cowboy - master carpenter" whose ancestry, life-story, and political/culural observations were taken from the same mimeograph that was used to program this Gringo Viejo.    We both had substantial ancestry coming out of East Tennessee, and from there on the whole show went downhill.
Night scene at the Arlington House, a Southern-themed
events centre on the grounds of the 9 acre central-city
park.  Although this is a night view, this facility does
all kinds of public renderings, including a "cold fried
chicken" breafast, wedding receptions, business
 meetings, and a hundred other services.Just
 Amazing.  A publically accesseible place fit
for Royalty. 
     We  were especially impressed with the return train.   Both trains were full....every seat, ever Pullman compartment.   The first one even had a deluxe, add-on, private touring car tacked onto the front of the consist with people doing a Rail Tour of America.   They had been in San Antonio for three nights, and were heading to Dallas for a couple of know, to go to Gilley's in Fort Worth and then see what must be America's Stepford City...which is Dallas....simply an amazing place.
      We had the advantage of having our son as a chauffeur, and host...because we barged-up his apartment of course.   He has an idyllic living situation, and an executive-type position at a place adjacent to the most downtown part of Dallas about a squinch and a tad from  the train station, Highland Park district, University Park district, and Saint Peter's Earth Office across the street from Robert E. Lee absolutely stunning set of urban grounds, elegance, and tranquillity....none better....none as good.
     We were also treated with being introduced to a entirely delightful, entirely attractive, and entirely civilised young woman who looks strangely like our son and daughter and son-in-law...were they all to be seated together.    She comes from the background that causes her to put a self-made, elaborate floral display in a crystal vase on the table, for the pleasure of my Boss.   Pure class.   She also did well under the withering fire of prying questioning.   She didn't even seem to mind when The Boss took the mouth swab for ACME Forensic DNA Services and sealed it in the mail pack.   The fingerprinting was a bit messy however.  Although youngish, she is already an accomplished professional woman, qualified by diplomas and demontrated experience in two areas of professional endcvour.   A real "catch" to be sure....but then, so is our son!
    It was only an overnight run, so in the morning we went back to take the return ride, and we purposely had quite a bit of time to kill.  We turned in at a little restaurant, a half block from the train station, that appeared to be a little hole in the wall.  Something told us that it was a nice place.   Decent looking folks going in and out.  Clean and proud looking on the outside.  A combination of things.
     Once inside, one realised quickly that this is either the Cantor's brother or the Rabbi's sister's place.   Perhaps the Chinese ancestried waiter named Oscar gave it away, (actually it was the menu listings and some of the clients).   The fact is, after a little research, the owner is a Vietnamese lady...a refugee...who has five of these places in the Dallas metroplex.   Her efforts truly have established the best Country and Western Hebrew Delicatessen West of the Hudson....(as some reviews state).
     In any regard, it was a thouroughly delightful detour on the Road of Life.   We solved the problem with what to eat on the train by gorging on a "light breakfast" with our son.   It wasn't so much the quantity of the food, howver.   It was the sedate, august atmostphere....even for the morning....the commonality of the clients and staff...coming from at least 6 ethnicities and three races....yet all oddly similar in presence and deportment.   The physical plant was like Dallas, or any really fine place that is fine from the inside-out.  And the quality of meal and service was and anticipatable 100 on the scale of 100.  It's funny what can be done when you slam together Arkies, Orientals, Jews, Saxons, Latins...when they all have a catechism....a notion of compliance....a sense of the Golden Rule.   Amazing.... read her for recommendations other than our own;