Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Is anybody aware?

      Obama nearly caused a complete and total eclipse of the Universe by handling and smooching the three women.   Where was the protocol officer?  This is the smartest, most anti-American, grovelling, and foreigner-respecting person in entire Universe.   You don't hug the Queen of England.  There are some things you don't do.   Bill Clinton went and joined the line waiting to take communion at a Roman Catholic Church somewhere in Africa...he's one of them there Fulbright Scholars....real smart feller, jist like Obamer.   But he's also one of them there ingert Jethroes  that think they're really smartypants when they're really, really ingert.   He jist don't know that you hafta be one of them there mackeral snappers to be in their communion line.  I bet he don't even know thet you cain't pick yourn nose when you meet the Pope.

     In any regard, Billy Jeff managed to confuse the baptised, confirmed, and "confessed" communicants in good standing, even though he was in the middle of the Monica mess, as well as about 432,774 other venal and mortal sins being unaddressed.   I know that I am a pot calling a kettle black, and confess such.   So, that makes me a blowhard, but not a hypocrite.
      The internet has been fairly well "scrubbed" already of the various other grabbings and  smoochings in front of the press Corpse and literally hundreds of 10,000 dollar cameras.   The dunce doing the grabbing and smooching is apparently unaware that the communists who lurk in the background in Burma...still controlling much by virtue of their willingness to terrorise the population...have circulated all these encounters to the populace.   They are showing the populace that the women are wanton public women who will sell themselves to the American.   They are using language about these women that I do not feel needs to be used on this medium.   Or on that medium from Cincinnati who shortchanged me on the tarot card reading she was supposed to do.