Friday, 27 January 2012

Earth to Newt....Earth to Mitt...Dust Bin of History Approaching

Newt was right.    When he asked the CNN interrogator about wasting time with questions about things other than presidential level policy alternatives.    So, one can assume that   Newt likes irrelevancy when he wants to have a hissy-fit about whether or not Romney has stock in this or that company or a bank account in Switzerland or the Caymans,  or any number of other mind-numbing, pointless matters.
Mitt Oreck
for President
     Newt,  IT'S REALLY NOBODY'S BUSINESS.   Your private income is not my business, Romney's is not my business, Mrs. Gluberstiens's income is not my business.   If there is something illegal about the method of gaining income, about the method of investment,  some day it will come out.    You were the one who was floating (aka: kiting) checks during your time as a United States Congressman.   In fact, your taking advantage of zero-net-negative-checking-account-innovative- personal-financing ranked you up at second place as a privilege abuser.
      And, Mitt....Your presentation of Newt's lobbying for Freddie and Fanny is patently untrue.  A government consultation contract of 1.6 million dollars was not a payment made in cash in some dark alley....composed of used and un-marked 5 and 10 dollar bills.   Furthermore, as you know, the money was turned around in payment for office lease, salaries for clerical people and researchers, and telephone and computer connections, insurances, and all the other paper clip and toner things involved in running a doctor's office or a consulting firm.     That is was a waste of government money goes without saying.    Franklin Raines retirement bonus of 60,000,000.00 dollars was also a bit of an invasion of the exchequer as well, but at least Franklin did absolutely nothing for it save for successfully deleting all of the White House emails from the 1994 through 2000 period.   That's when Franklin was White House Communications Director.   Then Clinton appointed him to head the Freddie quagmire.   Quid pro crook....
     The point of it all is that you both should be named Oreck.   Mitt Oreck and Newt Oreck.   Or maybe Hoover.   Newt and Mitt Hoover.   Because your childish sitting in a muck-slump and pouting and snivelling over totally pointless personal details has demonstrated that neither of you is qualified in the final analysis to be president of the Welcome Wagon Committee.   You remind me of two sophomore girls in the dorm cramming for finals while suffering PMS and pimple outbreaks.
Anniversary WindTunnel® Bagged Canister Vacuum
Newt Hoover, GOP Candidate
for the Presidency
While suffering their problems they begin to fight over which one of them will get to have first access to the make-up mirror in the morning.   That is the discomforting image that El Gringo Viejo has of the two of you.   During their next encounter, perhaps we can be treated to a mud-wrestling match with the two of them dressed in cheerleader drag.
     This is not what we were hoping for when we were told that you both were "aspirants"  for election to the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.   Instead of being "aspirants", you both turn out to be "aspirators" instead.     It becomes necessary to reiterate ones support for the best available candidate in the mix, and that would have to be Sen. Santorum.    He is the only one who understands that we do not need any further "adjustments" or "temporary debt ceiling authourisations" .   The Republic is running at 28 knots in the the dark.....near the shoals....near an island named Giglio.
     The display presented by last night's "debate" leaves a person rather much like surviving a shipwreck.   Gee, I'm alive....but nobody knows where we are and we have these other idiots here on the same un-charted island....Gilligan, Mary Ann, Thurston, Tina, the Professor, Mr. Howell....

Thanks for putting up with the ever-optimistic
Gringo Viejo