Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grumpy Old Grumpy Old Men

(a)    Why do the pinkoes at Google think they have to change the foremat for composition and posting processes on the system?    Is there a  "no sleeping dog left un-kicked" policy that is universally enforced by all pinkoes and leftists?    Is there some bastard son of Ernesto Guevara who works late at night and finds out that the Gringo Viejo is comfortable making his rants and grumbles with the same crummy system that he has used for 327 years?    Is is (Sir Edmund) Hillary I,  Eternal Queen of the Universe and the Duchess of Chappaqua?  Is it Eric Holder, working under orders from Father O'bamaham?    Before long, after a person realises that the entire world is out to get him, he becomes a bit paranoid.....or quadranoid.

     In any regard,  yesterday we were attending a bit of a parade, celebrating the founding of one of our locale's early industries.....grapefruit production.   It is the 75th anniversary of the event so in keeping with the theme of diamonds and such they decided to have a Mardi Gras theme in order to celebrate grapefruit and diamonds.   Such is the living proof of the usefulness of committees.    It was pleasant enough, however.

      The low point of the episode was when we went into the supermarket to by some inconsequential this-or-that and fell in behind the people in the express check-out.   Turned out there was a committee at the check out and they were sending members out to refine their wish-list of selection.   After about 5 minutes of waiting around on their coming and going, going and coming, debatinig about whether a 202 ounce Mountain Dew would be better than six 2-liter Coca Cola and would it be better to have ten mega-bags of Doritos and 20 tubes of Pringles or maybe just the 40 pound industrial strength jalapen~o Frito bag.....a non-nourishment-challenged girl searched through her several Lone Star Cards (automatic food stamps in Texas) and finally decided to ask a female relative for one of her cards...and they paid....finally...the sum of  $26.44. 
     I had to restrain my poor wife.   She had to restrain me....Even the cashier was angry and depressed.   "Please help me, I have to see this all day everyday at this store."....His words helped us calm down a bit.