Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Anticipation Is Making Me Wait

We are waiting in this household to hear the inspired words of the Beloved Leader.   It will sound something like this:

     America has been a dump where only the rich are happy.   No one has had a chance until I came here after the rich people drove us into the ditch.   The Republican Congress still stands in the way, but we will take care of that in November.   They have stood in the way of us passing a balanced budget for three years now, but in November we will have the votes to make certain that the richest among us....the millionaires and billionaires....will finally have to pay their fair share.    No more subsidising their wealth, no more secret tax rates that only they know about; from now on, we will be the ones telling them what they are going to pay.    We will finally have a level playing field.   We will be the ones who have....and they will be the ones who have less.
     For too long America has been an extension of the plantation mentality.   It was a country established by slave holders, accustomed to being waited on, accustomed to making other people wait in line while they took the first pickings at the good life.   Now, with our new tax rate of 66.6% not only on the earnings of the wealthiest two percent...but also on the evaluated value of their estates while living....we will see a new day where minorities become empowered to full, rewarding lifestyles, free medical services, free food and lodging, and free entertainment options.  All will qualify except for the richest two percent.
     I have established an executive order clearance procedure which will, from this day forward, authourise the abolition of the electoral college along with the right of abeyance in the case of any disagreement my government has concerning outcomes that are not desirable.  We extend this right of abeyance to any decision made by the supreme court  that is not in keeping with the overall objectives of the administration.
     It is time that we become serious about social democracy, income equality, and other such basic human rights.  For instance, we have ordered Fannie and Freddie to immediately take possession of those domiciles that are designated as "vacation homes" or "second homes" and to make them available to historically discriminated people.    We have a ten point program that will build on this first initiative and details will be released after we have begun the implementation of that program.   Suffice it to say, there will be no more mansions of billionaires and millionaires with space going to waste when there are so many children  sleeping under expressway overpasses.
      More could be said, but you people are not really capable of understanding.   So, we'll just go ahead and say...."welcome to democracy".