Monday, 23 January 2012

It's all stunning

The issue with Mr. Romney is that he speaks in four to eight word phrases that are essentially reformed platitudes.   The platitudes have been repeatedly run through a filter that takes out any chance of offense to anyone save anyone too stupid or stoned to be capable of taking offense in any regard.
File:Neanderthal reconstitution centre courrier annecy 1.jpg
 Homo Sapien Neanderthalensis
Also known as Mr. Romney's idea of
what a Republican commoner is.
     Mr. Romney is a good candidate.   He was a better candidate.   But now, he takes on the character of that cheese a body was hoping to use in this evening's meal preparation, but upon taking it out of the refrigerator, it is, alas, consumed with mold.   He is remembered as a dolt who actually believes that it is a homo sapien conspiracy to destroy the earth by crock pot and not the Sun.    After all, he reasons, who are you going to believe?   Al Gore and the drowning Polar Bears, or obvious climatogical facts?
      Mr. Romney is also one of those inspired souls who is wise enough to know that criminals will gladly go down and pay four times more for a pistol permit than they used to.   After all, criminals need to be allowed to stand in line for three hours in order to pay for their own personal protection.   What if some Republican took away the criminal's mother's social security money before the criminal could make it to her house  in time to pistol whip the old bag to get to her Social Security money so he could scrape enough money to pay for the next pistol permit he is going to buy?
      Mr. Romney is certainly an inspired, new-wave Conservative philosophical thinker.   And, he wanted everyone in Massachusetts to have free medical services.   For free.   And everything.  For the children.
File:Jesse Jackson at Max Palevsky Cinema crop.jpg
 The Rev. Mr. Jackson,
shown here trying to
remember what comes
after the number "5".
     At least we have Mr. Gingrich, who is easily the most brilliant thinker in the history of history.  When he rose to the great office of Speaker of the House of Representatives, he was given a group of seats of honor to offer to people of great note, heroism, importance, and positive contribution to the American condition or experience.    You know, like Sergeant Benavides, Congressional Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, etc.   But, the Speaker chose to give a seat to that miracle worker.....the one who managed to reform the concept of being a Negro professional into the new category of Professional Negro, the one who delighted in telling to the story to his....women....that he would spit into the soup of the people he served while a waiter at the country club where he worked.    You know, Jesse Jackson.   Speaker Gingrich "reached out" and invited a poverty pimp, racist, embezzeler, philanderer, profane, hypocritical, marxist, slug to a seat of honor.
     There were only 200,000,000 other people more qualified.  But the Speaker chose to honour Jesse Jackson.   The Speaker knows how to "reach across the aisle" and build working coalitions with septic sludge whose forte is lying, shaking down people, and fomenting violence and threats of violence.    The Old Gringo just loves "reaching across the aisle" to Satanic monsters whose only desire in life is to demogog, shake down, and have other people pay for his women.   Neither the Speaker nor the "Rev." "Mr." Jackson have very good taste in women.
     Then, we have Senator Sentorum.  Anybody who has to translate his real name into Latin must be older than he looks.   He also slings a lot of meaningless mayonnaise at his opponents.  He was also the inventor of elephant earmarks, which are the giant, economy size pieces of pork.    He does have something like a notion about what the concept "conservative" is.

Cheshire Cat Tenniel.jpgJust Please!    We all know that you are all a bunch of bums to one degree or another.  So just stop worrying about how stupid I am not to have memorised every one of your stupid mudpoints concerning the other candidates and concentrate on the enemy....the atheist marxists in the White House.    Lay down your plan and sign it in blood.   Then be quiet.   Stop shouting about what a scumbag some other Republican is.   What spoiled children you all are.
     One notes quickly why the Democrats and mainstream media had to lynch Herman Cain first.    Oh! And by the way, WHERE ARE ALL THOSE WOMEN WHO HAD THEIR LIVES FOREVER DESTROYED BY THE RAPACIOUS HERMAN CAIN?   The Stepford Wives have become the Cheshire Floosies?  Perhaps Gloria All Red can come to the fore and explain how it is that she can line up white trash and Guatemalan illegal aliens at a drop of a mad hatter's hat to trundle out to blame some Republican or another with all crimes up to and including removing tags from pillows that say "Do not remove under penalty of law".

Back to my cave to nibble on my No-doze and to drink my Air Wick.
El Gringo Viejo