Tuesday, 24 January 2012

People are Watching, We shall overcome the madness.

     People are watching.   We shall overcome.....the madness that has been manifested by the Occupy movement.    We are including a poignant, perhaps even brilliant observation about the soul, or lack thereof, of the movement.
     Sometimes, original unpublished poets need to be recognized by all available outlets.   This is a Facebook-type entry written in observation of the first filing for major office by an Occupy slug.  The place is Phildelphia.   It is for the office of United States Representative.   The slug is filing in the Democrat Primary against an incumbent Democrat, so we know pretty much that we are dealing with a terribly depressed area.    The poem is written in prose form.   It is profound.    The Poet is, like El Gringo Viejo, not at all impressed with the Occupy personalities or purposes.

A demonstrator sleeps wrapped in the American flag with other Occupy Wall Street demonstrators as people go to walk in the financial district on October 11, 2011.
The girl is not carrying the Che banner
But we could tell that right away anyway

El Gringo Viejo has named this work
by Matthew Clarke

Here is a OWS Dude. He's the guy on the street with the nose rings,
      the dreadlocks and the lice.
He's the guy in Starbucks making coffee because it's the only job he can get with his degree in Art History.
He doesn't always have money for rent or food but he always has money for weed.
He rents a dingy studio apartment with a window on the sidewalk level.
Bums sleep on his steps and wee-wee on his sidewalk window.
He doesn't seem to care.
He doesn't even notice the smell.

He's the guy that rides a bicycle everywhere he goes because he can't afford a car.
He has to keep replacing the bicycle because people like him keep stealing it.
He has no mechanical skills.
He has no administrative skills.
He has no trade.
He is a vegan, too weak from malnutrition to work at any kind of physical labor job;
     not that he would take one anyway as tha...t kind of work is beneath him.
He despises the military and law enforcement.

He has an upside down American flag taped to his sidewalk window...
     right next to his marijuana flag.
He hangs out with other leftwing losers who blame their innumerable failures in life on
      people they've never met and know nothing about.
He's always borrowing money from someone but never pays them back.
He gives them some weed instead.
He's never contributed time or money to any civic project yet he constantly criticizes his
He fully immerses himself in anything leftwing.
The more these leftwing organizations bash America, the more rabid he becomes.

Despite his leftist fervor, he is always on the outside looking in.
He's a loser and even the leftwing losers that tolerate him think he's a loser.
He's never been able to become part of their leftist clique, no matter how much he bashes
When he gets old and is unable to support himself he will turn to welfare.
He is a parasite.

When his life is over he will have contributed nothing but hatred and bigotry to the
He will be buried in a state owned lot at the taxpayers expense.
Maybe one or two of his dealers or customers will stop by for the funeral service.
So long, OWS bum.

     We stress again that this is not the Gringo Viejo's poem.   He is jealous.   And also recommends it as required reading for all children aged 12 and older.    
El Gringo Viejo.....