Tuesday, 3 January 2012

One Last Note Before Departure

This is one more rant, because if it ain't writ, then there ain't no point to tryin' to get any sleep.

     The article is cryptic, summarizing the events that left a PEMEX gasoline station attendent severly burned.    A "student demonstration" near the city of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, the State's capital, turned into the predictable and desired mayhem desired by the "professors".   First-class and Deluxe long haul busses stopped in the highway with large stones and a human mass, then boarded....thugs demand that everyone get off....pilfer money, jewelry, luggage, and whatever for "the cause", and then turn the busses sidewise to the flow of the expressway lanes that normally smoothly connect Mexico City to Acapulco....traffic count of 40,000 each way per day is common.
     The mayhem had gone on in Chilpancingo for several days...part of the common marxist tactic.  They demand this and that, and the rectory and/or the local, State, and/or national government says okay, and then the agitators refuse to agree to what they were previously demanding, accusing the other side of "being insincere, patronising", and trying to trick  the "students".
       The problem is that there were no "martyrs"....people slain by the fascist brutes who are lackeys of the filthy Capitalistas Americanos and the "free-trade colonialists".    So, like the Occupy Your Property movement in the United States and other such nihilistic narcissists in Europe, it's time to break some windows and set some fires.    After all, why should anybody have any of this stuff....what about global warming?   Think globally, Act locally!
      So a batch of thugs, driven on by their university trained urban "professors", finally attack the PEMEX gasoline station across from their school complex....quite a nice one actually....and throw a molotov cocktail into a pump.
      Enter Gonzalo Rivas Camara, a pump attendant and minor repairs and auto service person one might normally find at a PEMEX station.    He runs forward first to try to put out the fire, then runs to the shut down switch that disconnects the pressure systems for the pumps.  Gonzalo is severely burned.   He is hospitalised, receiving excellent care, but finally succumbed yesterday to the murderous, depraved indifference of marxist thugs who were trying to destroy a privately owned concession of the PEMEX monopoly gasoline operation.   Gonzalo is not a rich man....not quite a poor man.....but now he is a dead man, because arrogant, atheist, elitist "professors" educated in Mexico City's best public schools essentially at no charge, decide to change their preparatory school into a popular resistence communist training camp of some sort.    In the ensuing disorders, when the authourities finally came to restore order, two of the poor innocent students were shot to death.   The leftist media, both in Mexico and worldwide, was quick to point out that "poor, Indian students, just excersising their legal rights to protest, were murdered by trigger happy cops."    There is no common lament for Gonzalo Rivas Camara, one who complied with his legal and morally correct duty, and then some.

      It is clear that the ''students'' did everythng possible to provoke the authourities.   It is true that the largest pecentage of the  body of the "protesting students" fled the area after the molotov attack on the PEMEX station.    A dedicated group of about 30 stayed and taunted the police.   They went on one charge at the police who fell back in fairly good order, considering the abandoned autos and trucks at the scene.  The next thing is gunfire, which the leftist press immediately blames upon the police.
     It is becoming clear, as was pointed out in the previous post some days back on this same blog, that the "professors" or their agents most probably fired the shots that killed their "comrades"....thereby providing the much needed martyrs.   There is solid, camera evidence taken by neutral nobodies....like people from the busses that had been stopped....that there were at least four "professors" or their agents who were carrying rifles and lurking at the rear edge of their students' grouping.    These armed people consistently took firing positions behind cover as if waiting for some opportunity to "fire for effect" .
     Sick of it, tired of it.   These same "professor" types have been coming down to this Indian areas for years with the same purpose of fomentation of useless insurrection.   They follow the same formula every time.   It is tiresome.   It is a form of premeditated murder.   These people are pathological.   Like...I have the right to demonstrate in front of your restuarant and drive you out of business because George Bush wouldn't give me a job paying 200,000 dollars per year.   Occupy?   Protest?   Spare me.
El gobernador Ángel Aguirre Rivero, el alcalde, Héctor Astudillo Flores y la sociedad civil brindaron un póstumo homenaje a Gonzalo Miguel Rivas Cámara, trabajador de Diario de Guerrero y las gasolineras "EVA" quien murió a consecuencia de las quemaduras que sufrió al apagar con un extintor el fuego de una bomba despachadora de la gasolinera EVA III; incendio provocado presuntamente por estudiantes de la escuela Normal de Ayotzinapa. (Foto: Abel Miranda Ayala)
This individual was eulogized by his brother, a lieutenant in the Mexican Navy.   The Bishop, the Governor, the City Council, his mother came from Vera Cruz, and several thousand people came....at some danger to themselves....because the "liberators of the people" are very good about bullying, brutalising, terrorising, and otherwise wreaking violence on people who oppose and/or stand up to them.   The post election 2006 and 2008 stories out of Oaxaca are the norm, when people cross the commies.
     Simply please be aware that this entire incident was prefabricated by the marxist social disorder handbook.   A crummy imitation is Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals"....but it is the book of common prayer for marxist activists in these times.

El Gringo Viejo