Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Heading South in the Morning

     The Old Gringo will be heading down tomorrow for a spell.  The Sargento Mayor Alvaro probably was thinking that he had petrified in place and/or become a fossil.  We'll be taking down the dogs' and the cats' favourite foods and other goodies for neighbours and friends.   We'll have to measure the Labrador BiBi, and determine our plan of attack for the Spring in terms of the plants, trees, bushes, and yard projects.    Simplification will be the rule.   Alvaro says that there are people wanting to make reservations....so we shall see about that as well.

     We should be back before the end of the month.   Diana has chores line up for me here, but I always tell her not to go into too much detail about any of it, because it will all be forgotten by the time morning comes anyway.

Look for a few messages during my stay....if laziness does not consume my plans and efforts to go down to the chat-room with the good connection at the Estacion.

Until soon,
El Gringo Viej0