Monday, 2 January 2012

Banal, Drippy, Dull

Early in the morning, usually between 04:00 and 04:20, depending upon the patience of the cats and the dogs, El Gringo Viejo wakes up and stumbles in the direction of the coffee, cat food, and dog food.     At around 05:00 he tunes in to his master's voice, the SKY Satellite/Cable Service in Mexico or TWC in Texas, and clicks up  Fox and Friends, watching some of what they are airing.     Then he searches around on various Mexican local and national channels when he is in Mexico.   When in Texas, he will fish a little in the barrels  marked CNBC, Fox Business, and only rarely....just enough to refresh the memory as to why such channels are avoided...he will review the bilge at PMSNBC and other CCCPNews outlets.    
      However, one can  tire of watching Fox and Friends and almost all of FOX News programming at times, because of the banality that they manage to inject.   They forget that theirs is the network that actually does have the viewership with the higher intellectual ability.   The others think and/or say they are brainy PBS or PMSNBC or Whatever, Inc.....but it is actually Fox News.   So we should demand better.    A case in point, of many,  is the continuous pointing out that Congress only has a 5% approval rating and that O'bamaham is going to run against Congress because he can't run on his record.
       The approval rating of 5% is at once complicated and simple.   All sides are angry with both the "other side's" side and with their "own side's" side simultaneously.  My side is angry because the Republicans should (but don't) come out and explain briefly that if people want to spend 1,000,000 dollars for a box of matches in a couple of years.    They should also explain that for said reason....they are going to filibuster and block every program and department's funding until a complete budget is presented which includes an 8% across the board  cut in funding.   Only the War Department and the two stupid entitlements Social Security and Medicare will be kept at the old level.
        The Party of Perpetual Unemployment Compensation and Baby Mother Funding is angry because their "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" drones have not already, at the least, either imprisoned everyone who has more than anyone else or better yet just taken all 100,000,000 who compose the 1% and led them to the guillotine.
What Father O'bamaham and the
Occupy Your Property Movement considers
an instrument of an applied "teachable moment".

        That is why there is a 5% approval rating.   Each side is impatient with  their own side.   Each side hates the other side's side.  It is a wonder that there is a rating as high as 5%.

Old Gringo to Fox News:   Don't waste air time with innocuous bilge.    Instead of doing a "FOX News Alert!" about how  "John Wilkes Booth is surrounded by Union troops and the barn where he is hole'd up is a'fire!" might be better to run articles about how the farmers and the the grocery stores and the food processors have made an alliance signed with Satan and the professional food stampers union.....
       They could do a special report on how the farmers and the bureaucrats signed another accord with Satan to put ethanol into perfectly good gasoline.     Did anyone ever notice how the miles/gallon falls about 10% when we put ethanol-poisoned gasoline in our tanques?

       Another article could be done on (Sir Edmund)Hillary Rodham's 40 biggest whoppers.   That could fill an entire season with reality shows that are real....Camel rides, anyone?    It could be called "Getting to Know America's Most Admired  Lady" .   Some of it could be filmed at that Epic Picture about the War Between the States setting...the Plantation....what was the name of that plantation...????   Oh! But of course....Corkscrew-Flakjacket on the Sewanee, such a romantic  place with Magnolias and fried green tomatoes and smoking compounds of religious kooks burning in the background.   The smoking compound is the forerunner of the present day "Fast and Furious" program to strip Americans of legal firearms ownership.

    It just seems like the time has come to fight.   Every social program set in place by the central government has failed in its stated purpose and led us to the ruin that was predicted at each point of enactment.    They are using the armed forces to promote....what?   Lesbie-smooches?  They want lesbie-smooches but they don't want a major parade or a set of parades to celebrate the return of victorious troops who fought and won a thankless war that Harry Reid pronounce once...."This war is lost!" on the Senate floor?????

More later.....
El Gringo Viejo