Sunday, 1 January 2012

Odds and Ends

Resolutions for the New Year?   No, we avoid making commitments that neither can nor will be fulfilled.    Stopped smoking, about 20 years ago....not because of being told by them or him or her or the central government ''surgeon general" .    Just nicomatic, no tobackyblaster, no Chief Ludvig von Barfing Bear's Wigwam of Holy Sweatrocks 53-Step  Smoking Remediation Program of  the Stars (approved for Medicare and Medicaid).   I already stopped beating my wife because my hand started hurting too much, and I stopped taking six newspapers from the dispensing machine instead of just one because my pet parrots and owls all escaped and there were no cages to be cleaned any longer.

     During a recent visit upstate, we were exchanging a visit with the in-laws of our daughter.  They are a fine couple, very intelligent and generous and the perfect grandparents for our two granddaughters.    My comadre, after an excellent buffet she had arranged for us, her parents, our son-in-law and daughter, and our granddaughters finally asked the Old Gringo to explain ...."when it all happened".    She and her husband are very accomplished and polished people, more than a tad more intelligent than the Gringo it was a bit of a challenge to inform someone who has more of an intellectual edge than oneself.    Her point of reference was, "When did the idea of total courseness in deportment and total assault upon the conventional mainstays of of the culture begin?"
     At first it was thought a bit of a joke, because her analysis would be as good or better than my own.   Discussion concerning matters such as this question is what has kept university student union buildings full both in the coffee shops and the meeting rooms for many generations.    But, the Gringo Viejo painted out his own answer....Lincoln establishes the right of the central government to force people at the point of a bayonette to submit to the will of another group of people on the basis that the latter find the former objectionable.
      This seminal concept changes the Constitution of the United States from an instrument of guidance for governance of a Republic into a vehicle of legal leverage that will finally result in the establishment of an organic law democracy.   Leftist, populist, labour, anarchist, and finally "progressive" movements began to form up a persistent, new, and seductive policy during the period from the late 1880s through the early 1930s.
       That policy had three heads:
                                   (1)    The certainty that human psychology and society could be perfected
                                   (2)    The necessity to put only "elites" in charge of the necessary changes
                                   (3)    The correct vehicle to obtain "change" is government force.

     The answer to my comadre's question in short form then was that the elimination of the traditional culture became the active central focus finally, in the latest part of the 1960s and especially in the 1970s to the present.   Saul Alinsky, an atheist Jew, is feared and loathed by the American Right because he wrote the definitive instructions for the turning of America into an uncleanable septic tanque.    This writer sees Alinsky more like compiler of Bolshevik rabble-rousing tactics, and perhaps a thwarted stand-up comic from Hell.   He was a person of sufficient intelligence to know that his policies would bring ruin upon any country that followed them, and he also did not care....he simply hated America because he felt that he was not allowed to "fit in".
      There is something odd....very queer....about a Jew who embraces communism.   There is something creepy about a Jew who hates Judaism and Jews, but then blames his lack of social adaptation on the fact that he is Semitic.
     Violent and "non-violent" agents for "change" in America all used his book as a Bible for their relentless insurrection.   Barak Hussein Obama keeps this book on his bedstand.    Everything he has done during his public life has been based on the simple rules laid down by his "guardian demon".    Isolate your enemy....ridicule your enemy....saturate the universities with professors who will spend 50 per cent of their class-time with marxist indoctrination.   Always express your cause and objectives in short phrases....always find an "ethnic" victim and blame his plight upon the "system" or upon "White America".   Always remember the first objective is to destroy America and then rebuild a new country based upon the precepts of pure marxist dogma.    The Democratic Socialist Peoples' Republic of Free Atlantis.
     The joke in all of this is that Saul Alinsky and all his ilk are derived from social thinkers like George Bernard Shaw, Woodrow Wilson, Annie Wittenburg, Eleanor Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler, Nikolai Lenin, Carrie Nations, Leon Trotsky, Che Guevara, and a host of other similarly- inspired social engineers.    Whether we like it or not, Franklin Roosevelt would not shake hands with Jesse Owens, and Margaret Sanger found her greatest inspiration in the "advanced" and socially progressive techniques of the National Socialist (Nazi) medical industry.
WCTU Beauty Contest
Judged to have been safe from
assault by even a sober saloon patron.
The one on the far left (lavender
dress)is Barney Frank's great-grandfather.
    By the term "his ilk", one must include Bill and Hillary, Barry and Michelle, Ted and Hanoi Jane, etc. etc. etc.     But Old's not nice to always drag out the "Hitler Word" when making these baseless accusations....and terms like socialist.... and bolshevik.   And that is true.   But...worse than true, it's also factually accurate and necessary.
      The irony is certainly that these people use the American Negro as the skeleton key to turn every lock, and yet, their first and continuing objective was and will continue to be the elimination of the Negro race from American soil, and ultimately from the face of the Planet.  They have the same fate planned for all the inferior races, including Slavs, most Jews, all Arabs, most Orientals, all people from the South...(aka - white trash)...mentally retarded people, Mexicans and most other people with any Latin background.    You see, only the chosen will be allowed to determine that foul-mouthed, communist Whoopie Goldberg is a "Good Negro" and Herman Cain is a "Bad Negro".   We know because Gloria Alred took side on that case....and Gloria, like Nancy Pelosi, is one of the "enlightened".   Gloria Alred also loves Guatemalan illegal aliens....for 3 minutes and 32 seconds.
       But, to the point, the abolition of prayer in public schools, the extension of AFDC and food programs of many kinds, and other public support for the indolent, all coming from the entitlements etched in stone on the face of American social structure in the 1960s....and the continuing onslaught why the Gringo Viejo says that the stone began its inexorable roll down the mountainside in the late 1960s and 1970s and will probably continue until such time that there is a massive rejection of public assistance at the polls....or when all is destroyed by the return of the guillotine and all the producers are beheaded and their pants pockets rifles for the last brass shilling.
      This little Christmas episode with the people identified above was something of what El Gringo Viejo refers to as a Rockwellian Moment.   We are all so dull and boring.....the old man of the group had quite a business career and flew B-17's over Germany.  My compadre is a Navy type and, (your humble servant is Army), worked all over Mexico in the oil business and other places in the world during interesting and dangerous times, literally hundreds of spellbinding stories and personal friends in high places.  The Gringo Viejo is the least of them with similar experiences and accomplishments, albeit to a lower scale of accomplishment.    The younger man, the son-in-law is somewhere in the stratosphere of a major computer company as is his wife (our daughter ) and the grandchildren look like poster children for a poster about poster grandchildren.    They are even polite and civilised.
      Why would any of them ask a blowhard like me my opinion about anything?   They are very good company one and all.   I do not deserve to be favoured by them.

Happy New Year.   We'll be heading down to our little place on the side of the Sierra Madre in a couple or three days.   Be sure to write in with questions should they arise.
El Gringo Viejo