Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Josephina Vazquez Mota, Accustom Yourself with the Name

We are happier to report that our favourite in the Mexican Presidential race, within the centre-right National Action Party, has pulled out to a substantial lead for her party's nomination.   We have Josefina Vazquez Mota, who has steadily built a lead and now, according to reliable polling among PAN "militantes", she has over 60% of the votes heading into the final nomination convention on 5 February 2012.    She is something like a Michelle Bachmann/Santorum cross.   She has worked privately, successfully.   She has government experience, serving as Secretary of Social Development and as chief economic advisor to the President.    The leftist press calls her "La Borracha  (the drunken woman)" because of her sleepy eyes and they refer to her as "La Nin~a con Cara de Mona del Planeta de los Monos (the little girl with the ape-face from the Planet of the Apes).    However, a centrist "body language specialist" from Mexico City....a person of considerable understatement and highly respected as a psychologist and analyst of such things....says the following:

     En conclusión, Vázquez Mota me parece, de los tres pre-candidatos, la más auténtica. Es una mujer expresiva, intuitiva y asertiva.   Su gran desventaja, la inexperiencia (en comparación a otros políticos) y la timidez que a veces refleja (a veces en su sonrisa, pero sobre todo lo observamos en algunas posturas cerradas). Evidentemente, no es nada fácil presentarse ante una audiencia, los nervios son perfectamente normales. Sin embargo, de llegar a ser la candidata Presidencial de su partido, esto sí le podría jugar en contra sobre todo ante un personaje como López Obrador (que proyecta fuerza y autoridad).
     In conclusion, Vazquez Mota appears to me, of the three pre-candidates, the most authentic (is as she looks, sincere).   She is an expressive, intuitive and assertive woman.   Her greatest disadvantage....(compared to the other politicians)....is her inexperience and her timidity that at times is reflected (at times in her smile, but above all, we observe it in certain 'barrier postures').   Evidently, it is not easy to present oneself before an audience, to be nervous is perfectly normal.  However, upon arriving at the point of being a Presidential candidate  of her party, this might play against her, above all else before a personality such as Lopez Obrador (who projects forcefulness and authourity).
     It is well to point out that this same analyst later declares Lopez Obrador (communist) to reflect his forcefulness and authouritativeness as does a drunken, braying donkey.....which makes sense because that is what he revealed in the last Presidential elections.    In that episode he made a fool of himself in the first debate and then said he would not attend the next two debates because ".....I have already won the election, anyway".     Works for me.
One of the greatest political pictures of all time.   On the left is the woman who
gave Snow White the poisoned apples.   This picture was taken when the leaders of
each party's faction in the Mexican Congress's lower house (Camara de Diputados)
were having an official group picture made.    The one on the right is our girl, when
she had been selected to lead th Partido de Accion Nacional, (PAN) on the floor.
The other one was the leader of the old, frumpy centrist party, the Partido
Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) and doubles as the head of the national teachers' union.
   She is as evil as Nancy Pelosi, but sadly she is also much more intelligent.   But would
you want to see her on the other side of the breakfast table?

     It would serve the Republicans well to follow the lead of their brethren in Mexico and support the moderate Yankee, Santorum at this point and leave the two elitist, liberal Republicans out on the line to dry.   They have demonstrated that they have only their own interests within their hearts and souls(?), and Santorum has demonstrated that he has the interest of the nation placed foremost in his pecking order.    He has also proposed "government-get-out-of-the-way" solutions....which is good.    All the problems we have right now can be traced back to central government programs and legislation...social security, medicare, medicaid, establishment and subsequent dissolution of the underclass, military diminishment, FmHA and FHA, EPA, educational decay....now far beyond repair, etc.   All predictable failures due to the fact that they come from marxist utopians and people who live in Chappaqua and want to tell the hoit poloi how, when, and where to live.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo