Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"Just be reasonable"

Rodney and Gangrich are the same.   Each of them beg the analogy.   The analogy is:
     A passenger liner is steaming through the night, at 24 knots, in spite of the fact that there are more icebergs than fish ahead.   The ship finally strikes an iceberg that is three time the size of the passenger liner.   The iceberg wins.
     Rodney lurches up in his bunk and runs over to the dresser in his drawing room.  He moves his socks and handkerchiefs from one side of the drawer to the other.   He also remember s that he meant to change the blade in his razor.    The clatter wakes up Gangrich who promptly goes over to the same chest and places his socks and handkerchiefs where Rodney's had been put, changing Rodney's back to where they had been before.
      He thinks,"I might should change my razor blade."   But he decides that he can do that in the morning.   "Why are all those stupid emergency sirens going off?"
      "Who cares, you're stupid," responds Rodney.
      "Pots and Kettles.   Sticks and Stones," snickers Gangrich. 

"Where did you put my socks?"  "That's for me to know
and for you to find out" "Turn the light out" "No!"
"I'm gonna tell.""Shut up" "Are we there, yet?"
     The "wise ones" and the "moderate Republicans" who look down their noses at those of us unwashed radicals who wander in the desert, living off of the locusts and the honey and drinking with the camels are really much more enlightened than us, the little, extemist hot-heads who cannot grasp the art of reasonable compromise and seeing the other point of view.
Gerald Ford, King George I, McCain, and now Rodney....or Gangrich?   The only reason King George II won his first election in 2000a.d. was because he was running against a dolt who invented Global Warming.    At least he finally gave us "free prescriptions for Geezers"....that solved all the problems.   You see, the government pays for it.   That way it doesn't cost anything.
Vote forSantorum....to stop the bleeding at least.    The patient may already be dead.
     The nation is well beyond at-risk.   We are in danger of drowning in a sea of red ink, in a morass of entitlement, in a quagmire of socially-defective, dependent-groups producing hordes of meth and crack heads, moral and mental slugs.  We are surrounded by consumers and prostitute business and labour interests.   And Rodney and Gangrich want me to worry about, each the other's, money posture?    Beam me anywhere, Scottie, quick!

Free money for Geezers now!   Free money!!!!! Now!!!!
El Gringo Viejo