Monday, 13 March 2017

Making the Swamp Great Again

     Paul Ryan and the Reasonable Republicans begin the process now, apparently surprised by the idea that someone among the rubes and unwashed ranks of conservative voters is hung up on the idea that the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) needed to be dispatched to the Dustbin of History.
     The tortured, but predictable, Ryan Method of Legislative Obfuscation was hauled out for the doltenpressen to analyze and ridicule. What it turned out to be, of course, was a series of measures that essentially repealed the OSMI and replaced it with the OSMI.  Of course, the doltenpressen opined that although the Ryan OSMI was the exact duplicate of the inspired work of 2,000 pages of Nancy Pelosi's best work, they did surmise that Ryan's would not work, while Pelosi's OSMI would work perfectly, if just allowed to mature with experience.

     Admittedly, El Gringo Viejo is oversimplifying the "repeal and replace" efforts underway presently on The Hill.  But, not by much.   Perhaps the best that can be said is that the Republicans came up with a 200 page proposal that makes a little sense, while the Democrats under Gruber, Obama, Pelosi, and Co. built up a document that was 2,000 pages, and in its short life suffered an equal number (2,000) of executive amendments, orders, and modifications....none of which were authorised by the required Congressional amendment authority.


     With all that grumping and growling done, it is necessary to circle the wagons and exclude extraneous participation in what is going to be a fairly short process of repeal and "replace" the Obama Socialised Medicine Offensive nightmare.   We urge that only Republicans....moderates, right-wing crazies, Tea-Party, Constitutionalists, conservatives, libertarians, right-to-lifers, and such be allowed into the ring.

     Then, while Trump can act the honest broker between all these legitimate faction of the Elephant Herd, the Constitutional Process requires that the House of Representatives initiate the formal processes involved in Repeal and Re- Constitute.

     As Paul Ryan spins out something that might fit the image desired by the House, the Senate will begin drafting its legislation that would pertain to operation characteristics and limitations of the new law.  That is the normal way of moving legislation to the point of being signed into law by the Chief Executive (President).  

     As both bills come out of their respective Chambers, there will be parts that fit and parts that do not fit.  The two Chambers will send negotiators to work out a set of compromises and adjustments that will, in the end, be generally accepted and / or tolerated by the hard-liners of every stripe.  At those times when there is a bit of an impasse, the Chief Executive can provide his good offices as a theatre for arguing the fine points of final accord.

     Once signed and implemented into action, there are three or four Congressional committees that can and will practice operational oversight,  along with the other appropriate internal solicitors, to assure that the various parts are being operated with legal and moral precision. 

These are my desires.  I shall bide my ire and impatience, while remaining true to my Cruz - Lee - Paul axis of personalities in whom I trust.   This meeting of Elephants I propose is a far better thing than the Soros - Polosi fifth column of marxist hypocrites, nihilists, and anarchists being involved.

We take leave and maintain our powder in it driest possible place.

El Gringo Viejo