Monday, 27 February 2017

A Couple of Civilian Commentators Sum it Up - The "Lakota War Against Normalcy"

  • Lyndon Baines Johnson was famous for starting some of his bad news speeches and announcements with the gibberish blurb of "It is is with a heavy heart that I.....etc.etc.etc."   My task is similar.  We shall try to make it brief.
         This is not a condemnatory missive.   If anything, it is my opinion that, on balance, and especially towards the very end of the period of Indian hostilities, we think that unnecessary abuses were conducted against the Indians, both individually  and collectively, that would condemn them forever to a barren, rewardless life.  Their culture would essentially be lost forever from the period starting with the Trail of Tears and ending with the Bureau of Indian Affairs taking control of every aspect of Indian activity, directly or indirectly.
         Below we have included two back-to-back sets of observations, one by a liberal and the first by a conservative, that just happened to appear in sequence on Facebook.  Jim, the conservative,  is angry and puzzled because of the rotten reporting by the local (Bismarck) press.  He is nearly hostile towards the hypocrital and mendacious "protest leadership", and his points are succinct and well made.  
         Rebecca is a well-spoken liberal (it happens, sometimes) and speaks out....then speaks again (reasonably) to revise and extend her observations.   It is depressing when one sees some of the pictures of all the garbage and filth, left behind for "someone else" to clean up.   Several score tonnes of discard, filth, broken and misused things, rotted food, just a complete contamination both hygienically and esthetically.   Little mention be made in terms of the notion of "protecting sacred sites", because (a) all the land is sacred, and (b) according to the provocateurs, this particular land was especially  sacred because of Indian burial grounds, because it was/is a "Spirit Gathering Site", or maybe because it had a lottery ticket dispenser at one time....phooey...all false.
         We close this pre-ambulatory with the reminder that El Gringo Viejo's father was an only child.  My father was saved in earliest infancy when about 20 Sioux Indian women and their children, horses, and dogs came by my grandparent's three story Victorian during the first week in April, 108 years ago.  My grandmother was trapped inside of a house with snow up to the eaves, blocking all exits and windows.   The Indian women, knowing my grandmother was pregnant and expected to deliver her first (and only) at the age of 40 had suffered the early arrival of the Stork.  She lay, weak and unable to rise, on the main floor of the house, in the parlour.  The Indian women who appreciated her medical work among them, also saw that the White man's home had no smoke coming from the various chimneys.  They dug through the snow, opened the door, and found my grandmother with her baby wrapped up and under a pile of blankets and seat cushions with her.   The women laid a fire, held the horses on the outside gallery and the dogs inside the house.  The older children led the horse to stall in the very nice barn, and returned to help tend to the White lady.   My grandfather returned three days later after his visit to Minneapolis to buy replacement machinery for the planting and harvest for later in the month, and for the seeds and tack for the hundreds of Morgan horses who would be drawing equipment during the late spring and early autumn's wheat crop.   The child was given little or no chance to live, but through the efforts of my grandparents and those same Indian women, my father proved equal to the task, and obviously, survived.
    We retire and leave the floor to the speakers below:  

    So many LIES, INACCURACIES, COMPLETE FABRICATIONS.... HOW can you publish such TRASH..!!!

    The pipeline DOES NOT even come near Native property, and the so called "Sacred Sites and Burial grounds were moved
    years ago at the Sioux tribe's request and direction. If you check the facts, there is Already ANOTHER DAMN PIPELINE
    functioning right beside where the new one will be placed..!! The Water intake for the Natives has been moved MANY
    MILES downstream, closer to the road and railway bridges that the Oil is currently being transported across..!!
    Again at the Native band's request..!!.
         And then the pathetic protesters beg the public to bring them GASOLINE for their vehicles because they used up all
    their fuel running their vehicles to stay warm..!! Brainless and hypocritical idiots..!! The Damned Natives cant seem to get
    their own story straight, and simply want lots of publicity and attention, since they are all lazy and unemployed.!!! They
    managed to get the Veterans to come and support their protest, promising that there were accommodations and food, etc.
    waiting to take care of them... And when they arrived, there was NOTHING but tents blowing in the wind and snow... and
    WHERE Was the protest leader, Wes Clark Jr..?? Holed up in a Ramada INN, snuggled up and warm, stuffing his face
    in the restaurant..!! I guess he pocketed the millions of $$ he raised with crowdfunding, instead of taking care of the pions
    he suckered into protesting..!!
    They start a protest by trespassing on Private and Government property, burn and vandalize military vehicles and equipment,
    throw Molotov cocktails at police who are simply standing and not attacking anyone.... They damaged/destroyed a pubic
    bridge and roadway, now have left behind TONS of garbage and other crap from their encampment... 
    WHO pays for all their nonsense..??
    And now, all that is left is a small batch of non-local professional protesters, not the Sioux Natives at all.
    What a Pathetic bunch of Morons and Mental Midgets..!!! And we patronize and encourage them... GET A LIFE, FOLKS..!!

      • I would really like to know, with so many inaccuracies in this article having been repeatedly pointed out, with evidence provided,
        it has not been updated. This really damages your credibility.

        • There are a number of things that are inaccurate in this article and it really disappoints me that Bill Moyers imprimatur 
          is on this. First of all Snopes has debunked the myth that the pipeline was re-routed from Bismarck due to concerns about the water
          supply. That was a very early proposal, and was rejected by the Army Corps of Engineers for a number of reasons, of which only one,
           and not the most important one, was the Bismarck water supply. #2 The pipeline does not threaten the Standing Rock water supply
           in any significant way because, unbeknownst to most people who are all in to this protest, the Tribe owns a brand new water
           processing facility, that just went on line, and whose intake valve is 70 miles from the pipeline.
          I am a strong Liberal and always have been. But the degree of misinformation that is being spread around about this situation is 
          shocking. We have no leg to stand on in arguing that the Right is a gullible bunch of fools who don't factcheck, when this thing has
          turned into a complete circus based on so many inaccurate points of information. The land is not part of the reservation.
          Archaeologists employed with the State of North Dakota scoured the land and found no human remains. The Tribe says it is
          sacred for other reasons, that I frankly, do not understand because as a secularist, I think the idea that any land is sacred is
          ridiculous. But we have to draw the line around what is and is not a burial place, and I think that having human remains buried
          there is a pretty good definition.

            We leave the OROG community with these thoughts and ideas and realities.   Thank you for you time and attention.
            El Gringo Viejo__________________