Sunday, 26 February 2017

News About the New Way of Thinking at the Pentagon

     This particular message was sent to El Gringo Viejo by our resident physician and man about town, popular on all fronts and in any society.  He is the one we have mentioned both here in the blog and among other associates as the grandson of the fellow who made grapefruit, especially the various really fine types of Red Grapefruit for which the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas is justly famous, a year-round citrus alternative for millions of people in America and around the world.

My friend, Xxxx Xxxxxx, is a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger (Vietnam). This email came to him from another West Point classmate. I think you'll find it encouraging.
Dear Family and Friends,
Most of you know that our son, Xxxx, works in a leadership position within US Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, specializing in Xxxxxxxx at the Pentagon. I spoke with him last night to get his view of how the first week of the Trump administration was perceived there. It was a short conversation but very informative.
The difference he said is nothing short of amazing. It is almost as though you can feel it in the air, in the pace of peoples strides, in the expressions on their faces. But beyond that, the change in process has been immediate. Within 48 hours several action orders that had been languishing for up to six months between State, NSC, and the White House, were approved and executed. Over the last 8 years ( has been there for about 15 years) and particularly, the last 3 to 4, the atmosphere has been stifling. Every little thing had to be vetted by dozens of 30-year old State Department lawyers ( with no military experience) before it even got up the chain, effectively neutering the senior officers and reducing effectiveness to near zero. This past week, Xxxx took something to General Dunford, our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and within minutes it was approved by the SecDef, General Mattis ( both Marines, by the way) and greenlighted.
There is new energy flowing through the whole building. There is a new sense of purpose, a new resolve that is palpable. A cloud has been lifted.
Say what you will about our new president, and there certainly is a lot ( pro and con) that could be and is being said, the folks at the pentagon are walking with a new skip in their step.
Thought you might like to hear about this.


Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxxxx