Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Law in the simplest of terms. There is nothing complicated here....


     We must comment upon the idiocy afflicting almost all West Coast Federal Benchers, and numerous others who "serve" on the bench in other parts of the Republic.  There is nothing  difficult about these decisions concerning the induction of Ishmaelites into the precincts of Terra Sanctus Americanus.

     One must point out that St. James Earl Carter, the patron saint of all things that permit and allow the hatred of America, did by the wave of his scepter order the prohibition of entry rights into the United States of any and all persons practicing the Shia form of Islam or Mohammedanism.  The prohibition was amplified to include any and all persons associated in any way with the offense against the American Embassy in Teheran,  the capital of Persia, also known as Iran.
     This act of religious bigotry and hatred of Moslems by a blatantly Christian of the Baptist Denomination passed into the annals of American history without comment or concern.  It has obviously been forgotten by one and all.  Part of the good fortune of the Hate America First academic and political classes is that almost all the American population is totally ignorant of anything that occurred before last Thursday.  Oddly enough, fewer than 15% of the population can name the winner of the Super Bowl in 2011, and fewer than 10% can name more than 10 Vice-Presidents of the United States.
       Fewer than 10% of America's graduating seniors....from university....can find Switzerland or Sri Lanka on a world map, and probably even fewer have ever heard of either place.   At least we can celebrate that various of the famous citadels of public education in the Enlightened Territories have solved the problem of teacher illiteracy.  The New York School System has declared that teacher will no longer be judged by the cruel requirement of being able to read and write and cipher as a condition of obtaining and /or continuing in service as classroom teachers.

     Therefore, now that the cocoons are woven and the majority of the population is living in the Brave New World of feeling instead of thinking, of taking instead of giving, of consuming instead of producing, and of hating good while cleaving unto evil and degeneracy, we are prepared for rule by Organic Law.  The concepts of English Common Law and the practice of law that defers to precedent and the common application of the processes of the Law to Prince as to Pauper is essentially now 'dead man walking'.

     The notion that a seated federal judge can literally say that an Executive Order can be judged not by the words composing the executive order but rather by the words thought to have been said by the one in authority to issue such executive order or by his associates burns down every barn on the legal farm.  Such a legal stretch extends well beyond any sense of reason, and is, in and of itself, grounds for invalidation of said judge's competency and authority concerning the issue. 
     Actually all of these judges finding against this prudent Executive Order should be taken to a "Home" and allowed to rest for the remainder of the their retirement.   They are all filled with leftist bile and hubris that is truly dangerous to the fair and proper conduct of the defense of the nation and the proper conduct of good judicial order.

Enough said.  More later about matters pertaining to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.
El Gringo Viejo